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Video interviews

Bring color to your
pre-selection with video

People are more than paper resumes and cover letters. Let candidates tell you about themselves through automated interviews, video pitches, and live interviews.

Selection in recruitment goes both ways

In a shared effort between candidate and hiring team talent in all its facets is matched with the context of team, challenge and purpose. Cammio is on a mission to connect candidates and employers with various videolicious interview formats that seamlessly integrate into your daily workflow.

Video pitch

Let candidates tell you about themselves and their motivation for a position in a limited amount of time.

Automated video interviews 

Ask candidates to answer questions remotely, and in their own time, through video. Then use our review tools to make more informed selections.

Live interviews

Meet your candidates in an online setting. Prepare scripts, take notes, and record meetings with our GDPR-compliant conferencing tool.

Why video interviews work

Welcome personal motivation 
Engage with more candidates
Collaboration guaranteed
Increase fairness and validity

Add the magic of video to
your selection process