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2023: the year to finally get started with video in TA

With the clocks set back to wintertime and November well on its way the time to look back and plan ahead for the year to come is approaching fast. After the complete overhaul of the way we work during the corona pandemic, 2022 has confronted recruiters and TA professionals with a whole new set of challenges. If you are keeping a close eye on marketing trends, as they tend to take over recruitment at a certain point, then you are probably aware that your 2023 strategy to success should include “something with video”. After all 87% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic. But how can you turn this vague idea of somehow enriching your recruitment process with video into an actionable strategy to rock your 2023 KPIs?
Here’s what you need to know…

Options for video in talent acquisition are broadening  

Traditionally, when talking about videos in the talent acquisition process, people think of automated video interviews, where candidates answer questions on video. This wat the hiring team can get a quick and personal first impression. Since the lockdowns of the corona pandemic, many recruitment teams have also become acquainted with live video interviews, where candidates and hiring teams interact with each other in a live online setting. However, the options for adding videos to your recruitment process do not stop there!

Video vacancies, for example, make it a lot easier for your candidates to get an understanding of what your open position really is all about, who they will be working with and what their new working environment could look like. Video messaging has recently become a proven technique for increasing engagement in sales processes. This success can easily be transferred to candidate sourcing, or pre- and onboarding. You see, the options for leveraging the power of video for your talent acquisition process are endless… dare to think outside the box!

🤑 Ready to get ahead with video and curious about the costs for your organisation?
Great tool for making hiring a fun team effort

Big challenges are best conquered as a team. Keeping your hiring managers and their teams involved throughout the entire hiring process can be tricky, and videos can be a great tool to help you achieve the much-needed teamwork. Recording video questions for automated video interviews or short videos to make a video job description, are not only a fun team activity, they also force your hiring team to clearly formulate what they are looking for in a candidate and what they have to offer in return. This will give you a head start to an aligned process. More than ever recruiting is a shared responsibility and seeing the complete team collaborate attracting the right fit for their team may just persuade the perfect candidate to change jobs.

The hardest part is getting started 

As a formerly reluctant video marketeer, I can tell you from experience: Getting started is the hardest part. It takes a little extra guts to get in front of the camera, but it gets easier with every recorded video. Here are a few tips from our clients to help you on your way:

🗣 Marie van der Kerckhoven from Galapagos explains how pilots have helped her to introduce her organisation one project at a time.

🗣Margaritha Witzmann and Theresa Glinzerer from Deloitte share some of their learnings when it comes to video production.

Ready to tackle the challenges of 2023 with the power of video?

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