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Why video interviewing will improve your hiring process

Regardless of the current economic climate, the average number of interviews is increasing as staffing moves more towards temporary staffing and people on average stay shorter in one job. This trend creates several problems and leads to increased pressure on recruitment process efficiency. In the quest for a more flexible and efficient process, technological developments offer organizations new opportunities in selecting and recruiting talent. The use of online video interviews already provides many enterprises with a solution for the recruitment issues they have to deal with. Here are 4 reasons why video interviewing will improve your recruitment process.

Saving time and resources

Screening interviews are often an expensive and time-consuming task. The candidate has to travel and take time off. On the other hand, managers spend their valuable time on wordy interviews while they sometimes make a decision about whether to hire the candidate within the first five minutes. An Internet procedure in the first round reduces costs and get rid of travel difficulties. With video interviews managers and candidates can easily go online at a place and time that is convenient to them without wasting valuable time and resources.

Better candidate experience

The candidate experience becomes more and more important. Preferences and wishes of the candidate are changing and can’t be ignored in today’s job market. Employers need to create a positive experience for the candidate to make a good first impression. Showing some respect for the candidates needs is therefore a good way to build a positive image of your company brand. With video interviews applicants don’t need to travel and take a day off so won’t miss out on the first round interview due scheduling problems or costs. Most job-seekers also still greatly value a personal conversation. For many a CV, letter of telephone conversation is not a suitable option to properly present themselves. Online interviews offer an efficient alternative without losing the personal candidate experience.

Better screening, better matches

The use of online video interviews provides a better first round screening and thereby increases the chances of selecting the best candidate. With online interviews it’s possible to base the first selection not just on CV (knowledge and experience), but also on the ‘soft skills’. By replacing the time-consuming interviews at the office for much faster first introductions via the webcam, there is time to see more candidates. Finally, possibilities like recording conversations and rank or comment the candidate’s responses makes it a lot easier to compare and review candidates.

Reduce time-to-hire

The time that it takes to schedule and conduct first face-to-face meetings is one of the main reasons of delays in an organization’s hiring process. Today’s candidate demands a fast and efficient process. Candidates regularly exit a procedure because another one is faster. Company’s who can invite candidates quickly have an advantage. Reducing the time-to-hire by using video interviews offers organizations a change to stay ahead of the competition and recruit the best talent.


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