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5 things to consider when choosing your video recruiting provider

Today’s world is developing at an ever-increasing pace. The amount of new technology that has come into the market over the past few years is truly mind-boggling. HR is no different with a technology ecosystem that is both impressive and positively overwhelming. According to Deloitte and Bloomberg, the entire HR software market is now worth over 15 billion dollars and one of the fastest growing technology sectors today! The global HR Tech shopping mall seems to add new stores every day – with more and more HR tech toys for organizations seeking new avenues to secure the best talent.

Video recruitment is rapidly being adopted as the choice route to acquiring top talent for companies around the world. It enables businesses to create a more efficient, reliable and engaging process to connect with candidates. But how do you select the video interviewing provider that best meets the needs of your business? Of course you could (and should) expect some basics to be in place with any provider – but you shouldn’t just pick any provider when looking for a long-term video recruitment partner for your business.

Here are 5 important things to consider when choosing your video recruiting provider:

User Experience

Is the platform easy-to-use and accessible for all parties involved? The most critical stakeholder in your recruitment process is the candidate. While a strong candidate experience can boost your ability to land the best talent, a bad experience could also obstruct it. Choosing a partner that is putting the candidate experience at the heart of their platform will help to strengthen your employer brand and provide your candidates with a winning video interview experience. Next to providing your candidates with a VIP experience, your hiring team needs to be able to easily work with the technology as well. Using video interviews in your hiring process should make your life easier, not harder. No matter how extensive the functionality, a simple and intuitive user-interface is key in making your video recruitment process a success.

Functionality (now and long-term)

It’s obviously not enough for a platform to just look great. When selecting your video interviewing platform, make sure to keep in mind which functionalities you need to support your process and hiring goals. While any professional platform will probably also have a lot of ‘nice-to-have features’, there are two elements that are most important when it comes to a platform’s functional offering: interview types and configuration flexibility. Since no vacancy or candidate is alike, being able to create tailored video recruitment approaches is extremely important. A platform that offers multiple interview types and has highly customizable interview settings (such as answering time and number of retries) provides the best options to successfully utilize video interviews – regardless of where in the process, and for which vacancy, video is used. Since no technology product should ever be finished, investigate the partners vision and how they see this reflected in the development of the platform. Can you be a true partner to co-develop and is there an innovative technology roadmap

Success team

Video recruitment will most likely be a new initiative within your recruitment process. This requires proper implementation, on-boarding, and ongoing support in making your new technology work. Your selected video recruitment partner should be the expert when it comes to successfully implementing and using video in the hiring process. How is the partner dealing with change (management) and supporting this crucial part of the process? Do they provide training, supporting documentation, and consultancy to help you get your team up to speed and help optimize your processes or are they simply delivering the product? Is the vendor known to be service-orientated and pro-active, offering fast and flexible support? Choosing a knowledgeable and experienced vendor that is invested in your (hiring) success will help to make the most out of your video interviewing technology.

Integration capabilities

Video recruitment technology is a ‘niche’ technology that is part of your bigger HR ecosystem. For this reason, a platform’s third party integration capabilities should be seriously considered in your selection process. While some choose to use their video platform as a stand-alone functionality, most companies will need the video interview functionality to be closely integrated with their existing HR systems (like an applicant tracking system). Being able to use multiple tools and technologies in concert not only enhances process efficiency, but also results in a smoother user experience for both recruiter and candidate. Integrating with exiting systems shouldn’t pose any great challenges for modern video recruitment providers that have a proper API in place.

Focus on Data Security and Privacy

When using video interviews, you are collecting and processing personal data of candidates. Maintaining the security and confidentiality of your data should therefore be a supplier’s top priority. Make sure your video recruitment provider meets the highest technical and organizational security standards and is up-to-date with the latest online security protocols to help keep your employee and candidate information secure. Data should be protected by multiple layers of security and stored in certified data centre with proper fail-over and back-ups in place. Has the provider completed any external security audits? Do they comply with the IEEC regulations? And how familiar is the supplier with international data privacy regulations? When it comes to legal compliance and data security you shouldn’t cut corners – make sure the video recruitment provider of your choosing provides the first-class security both you, and your candidates, deserve!

Video recruitment offers organizations great opportunities to upgrade their processes and create a more efficient, reliable and effective process to connect, engage and recruit talent. At the same time, selecting the right supplier for your business it not easy. Keeping the above 5 selection criteria in mind when choosing your video recruitment provider will help you in making the right choice. Remember, your decision should not only be based on the offered platform technology, but also on the service the company provides! Happy Hiring.


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