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Maximize Hiring Success: 5 Tips to create a winning Candidate Experience

Are you treating your candidates in the same way that you would treat your customers?
The candidate experience is an integral part of the recruiting process that can impact the success of your talent acquisition strategies and, therefore, the very future of your organization. While it seems there is an increasing focus on the candidate experience over the last couple of years, the reality is that too many organizations still haven’t yet walked the talk when it to comes to delivering a strong candidate experience.

When speaking to some friends who are currently looking for a job, I was amazed by their experiences and how they were being treated in various recruiting processes. Terribly long timelines, a lack of communication, false promises, vague assessments, chaotic interviews, botched rejection letters or even cases where the company couldn’t be bothered to get back to them at all.

So, how did these employers handle the hiring process from a candidate’s perspective? I would say very poor. My friends would even describe it as ‘self-destructive‘.

Now, it is logical that not every organization has the time, resources or scale to create a candidate experience for which they will be awarded. However, there are many things that can be done, relatively easily, to create a winning candidate experience that powers the success of your company instead of obstructing it. Here are 5 tips:

#1: Be open and transparent

It all starts with being honest and clear about the job description, requirements, as well as your company’s values and culture. Be transparent in what candidates can expect during the recruitment process. Transparency gives your candidates control, leading them through the process with trust and confidence. By providing a clear timeline of the application process you can keep expectations in check and make sure candidates won’t feel strung along during the process.

#2: Communicate frequently

Black holes belong in space, not in recruiting. Once candidates have entered the process, creating a positive candidate experience mandates that you provide them with steady and consistent communication. Keep them in the loop on what’s happening with their application and provide (and ask for) feedback once a candidate isn’t selected to move forward in the process. Put yourself in your candidate’s shoes to understand what is needed to maintain their interest and build a positive relationship.

#3: Be human

Recruiting is all about relationships. No one likes to be treated like a number. Show your candidates you care about them as human beings (because they are!) and make them feel valued and respected. Give your recruiting process a name, or preferably a face, and try to give your candidates that 1:1 feeling every time you interact with them. Candidates shouldn’t have the feeling they’re talking to a machine that doesn’t talk back; try to be as personal and responsive as possible, making them feel welcome and appreciated.

#4: Keep it short, sweet and accessible

Today’s candidate demands a modern, fast and effective process. If your application process is becoming as complex as actually doing the job, you are at high risk of losing the best candidates. Meet your candidates where they are and keep the process as brief, easy and accessible as possible. Cater your process to your candidate’s lifestyle and preferences in order to build a favourable candidate experience and improve your chances of recruiting the best talent.

#5: Show and sell yourself

Today’s talent makes deliberate decisions on whether they want to work for a specific employer or not. Every interaction you have with your candidates is an opportunity to sell your corporate identity and value proposition, and build your company’s reputation as great place to work. Create a process that reflects your company’s values and welcome your candidates into your home, giving them a feel of your company’s culture and employer brand.

Would you treat your customers in a way that would leave them with a bitter after-taste and negative view on your company? I suppose not. It’s time for action rather than words, making sure candidates don’t experience your hiring process as a dehumanizing waste of time. It’s time we start treating candidates like VIP customers, giving them the optimized experience they deserve!

At Cammio we believe that a great candidate experience is key in creating talent acquisition success. That’s why our innovative video recruitment platform is designed to help organizations power their candidate experience by creating an efficient, transparent and fair interview process that empowers the candidate to put their best foot forward. The greatest talent wants to work for the most forward-thinking companies. Video recruitment enables organizations to provide candidates with a world-class experience and hire greater talent, faster. Happy Hiring!

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