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Abundance of Choice in the HR Technology Ecosystem

Last week Cammio exhibited at Zukunft Personal in Cologne. The audience and exhibitors are primarily German, however, it is by far Europe’s largest HR event. I was amazed to see such an abundance of HR technologies, services and related suppliers together in 4 gigantic exhibition halls. On the one hand, I think having options is important to be able to make an educated purchasing decision, in any marketplace. On the other hand, I can easily understand how buyers can be confused and sometimes even blinded with so many options available. The HR technology ecosystem present in Cologne was certainly both impressive and overwhelming.

If you are looking to implement an innovative HR strategy, as a prospective buyer you will have a hard time with so many options. My advice is this:

  1. Look closely at your current process to determine where your bottle-necks are. This could be in on-boarding, interviews, candidate volume, etc. Only after that you can start looking for available tools and technologies that can address these issues.  In the HR technology niche of video recruitment there were only 2 companies present at Zukunft Personal, one of which was Cammio. If you were looking to enhance efficiency in pre-screening with a video recruitment platform, you could easily view the functionality of both and come to an informed purchasing decision in a short amount of time. If there are more suppliers, make sure to narrow down your comparison quickly to avoid looking at too many systems. Your network can be of great help to recommend you the tools to look at, or to ignore!
  1. Make functionality and connectivity your main criteria when selecting the right tools. Obviously the specs of the tools you are looking at need to correspond with the problems you have identified earlier on, but you should also consider the ability to connect them all in one seamless process via either your HRIS or ATS. Making sure that your process is smooth, rather than a collection of separate recruitment technologies, is key. The market will only get more fragmented with innovative niches popping up and so the theme of connectivity will grow in importance.

Always prioritize the process and not the technology itself. Tools and technology should be supporting, but not the goal. Go shop with that in mind and you will be prepared for ever more choice to come!

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