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Key Advantages of Video Interviews for Employers

This is a guest article by Elisa Abbot.

Everything in business is changing at a rapid pace, including recruitment technology. Long gone are the days where you put a sign up in your window, or an advertisement in the local classifieds and wait for resumes to start coming in.

Video interviewing is a trend that is growing in just about every industry for recruitment purposes.
There are many advantages to doing interviews via video conference, including it being a big time saver on both ends. No more waiting for people to show up or having potential employees struggle to find the office. Video recruitment has been proven to be far more efficient than the start of the traditional interview process, and will normally lead to hires who work out much better. As an employer in the 21st century, you need to be flexible and go with what is working, there is too much competition in hiring to slack off on your recruitment process.

Video Interviews: Do They Really Make a Difference?

A responsible business person and employer is not going to change their entire hiring process just because it’s on trend. You are going to need some evidence that points towards all the effort of changing things to be worth it in the end. There are some pretty major benefits to conducting interviews this way:

  • Learn about your candidates much faster
  • Streamline the interview process
  • Weed out the bad apples
  • Save resources
  • Have a scale to compare candidates
  • Only see the best recruits in person

As you can see there are a lot of advantages to starting with a video interview instead of the initial meet and greet that takes too much valuable time. Below you will learn more about how each of these advantages really makes this process much more efficient and affordable for your company.

Learn About Your Candidates Much Faster

When it comes to the hiring process the task that normally takes the most time and effort is actually getting to know your potential recruits. Anyone can read a bunch of resumes and CVs with nothing but glowingly positive information on them, but that really doesn’t tell you anything about the person.
A quick, standardised video interview can make the difference right away so you can immediately get to know people and not resumes. You get to see how candidates react to different pressures and questions, how they handle being professional, and an overall feel for their personalities.

Streamline the Interview Process

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to conduct job interviews in a fraction of the time you are used to? Well, that is exactly what you are going to get when you start using video interviews as part of the hiring process. Instead of going through piles of resumes, choosing candidates and having them come in, you can streamline the process with a standardised video interview. This is going to save time and give you more efficiency in the hiring department.

Weed Out the Bad Apples

Everyone has heard the saying ‘One bad apple spoils the bunch.’, and it is generally a rule you can live life by. Before the option of doing video interviews, you would have no way of telling the type of person you were bringing into the office.
The more time you have to talk to a potential hire before bringing them in, the better chance you are going to have to make sure they aren’t one of the rotten ones. Sometimes you are able to tell immediately, sometimes it takes a little longer, and the video interview should give you a boost at weeding out the bad ones.

Save Resources

This is the end-goal of any business that has really ever existed in the world. Profit is the number one priority and employees are going to be just about the biggest cost for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to save money on hiring while actually making the entire process better?
The biggest savings come with having a better idea of the type of employee you are hiring. A good employee is going to be worth their weight in gold to your company.
Another way the video interview process can help keep costs down is to eliminate the cost of having no-shows. You no longer need to waste time slots with people who don’t bother coming, with video interviews you can just move on to the next candidate who is actually prepared to interview. This saves you time and money, by getting rid of dead weight.

Have a Scale to Compare Candidates

It can be very difficult to judge potential hires when conducting traditional interviews. They take more time, you can very easily forget things, and they are just inefficient in general. With video interviews, the option to review them is key to having more success in hiring.
You can go back and compare how different candidates answered specific questions, and how they reacted to different situations. You are able to take your time with the important part of the hiring process, learning as much as you can about your potential employees.
More importantly, video interviews allow you to source personnel overseas as well. This’ll allow you to broaden your choice and ensure that you hire the best professionals you can find.

Only See the Best Recruits in Person

The process of weeding out potential hires can be a long and arduous one that has been virtually the same for decades. You meet so many different people and it is hard to keep track of how each one is in person. Video interviews are going to stop most of the bad candidates from ever stepping foot in your business, which is going to improve the quality of candidates you do invite in. You learn a lot from a video interview without having to start anything personal at all. A person can show a lot about their character by the way they respond to certain types of questions, and you want to use this to your advantage to make sure only the best potential hires get to come see you in person.

Video Interviews: Here to Stay

When you take a look at how the world of business, and the world in general, is advancing so quickly you can see why employers are starting to shift away from traditional practices. Technology is meant to improve our lives and make them easier, so why not take advantage of it in your business?
You no longer need to spend days, or even weeks, doing rounds of in-person interviews to try to figure out who the best candidate is for your job opening. The internet and technology have made it possible to do all that remotely.
There is no technology or advancement that can ever replace good common sense, but there is a lot to be said about the hiring process being tweaked. When new ways to do old things become available it can take time for people to even want to try it, but once you start interviewing via video you will immediately see why it is quickly becoming the way to hire. You can save time, money, and headaches by utilizing video interviewing in your hiring process.

About the author:

Elisa Abbott is a writer, editor and translator. Her extensive experience is influenced by her various interests and her constant motivation to upgrade her education and work biography. Besides working at PickWriters as one of the key figures in their Russian translation service sector, she keeps working as a freelance writer. As she explains, writing has always been her passion so she uses it as a tool to share her knowledge and experience.