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All cheers to 2019, Year of the Candidate!

Hurray! As pyrotechnical feats light up the night sky with a thousand bangs and sparkles, we hail yet again the end of another year.

In Chinese tradition, we celebrate in 2019 the year of the pig. People born under this sign are considered to be logical thinkers, able to fix whatever problem they’re in. While not being good communicators, they compensate with endless kindness and high reliance. Associated with wealth and abundance, the pig in the Chinese Zodiac is a symbol of good fortune. At Cammio, we have our own folklore regarding recruitment success, and we see 2019 as the Year of the Candidate.

Recruiters, let’s celebrate together the Year of the Candidate!

The trend seems to be holding on. Unfortunately, 2018 wasn’t spared by the increase of recruitment turnover. From passive candidates conceding to financially greater opportunities , to aggressive headhunters snapping employees from their team, engaging and retaining candidates has never been so difficult.

While many factors can lead a recent employee to do early changes in their career path, recruiters are now having new sets of tools to correct their trajectories. Spoiler alert: it all has to do with candidate experience.

From the moment the candidate hears about your brand to the point you shake his hand, a world can happen.

  • Are his/her personal objectives in correlation with what your company has to offer?
  • Does he/she share the right personality traits to fit in your team / company culture?
  • Does the position he/she applied to is what was advertised?

Building up a premium candidate experience is all about making a deeper connection with your future hire. Nurturing a lasting relationship that money and benefits can’t make up for.

Managing expectations: being consistent with your brand

If your candidate has this image of a fun, entertaining brand and, on the interview day, meet the most down-to-earth HR rep, the cultural shock might be damaging. Shattering the pre-conceived subjectivity that initially urged the talent to apply. If, despite that, the candidate chooses to proceed and ends up getting the job, your only hope will be to offer him a work experience closer to his expectations… or otherwise be ready to say goodbye prematurely.

Employer branding playing a leading role in candidate experience, I can only advise you to check out this article we’ve wrote on brand schizophrenia and it’s impact on recruitment.

When we think of 2019 as the Year of the Candidate, we envision a beneficial shift in the way we assess candidates. With the power of video, recruitment already becomes more personal. While ensuring the protection of candidates’ data, the Cammio platform also provides a main stage for talents to reveal themselves. We encourage our clients to assess their candidates beyond skills and experience: to aim for personality.

Personality-centered hiring = Candidates at Heart

One of many strengths of the Cammio platform resides in its capacity to eliminate bias. In an automated interview for example, all candidates are faced with the same set of rules: identical questions & answering time; same amount of recording trials, and so forth. Being stored in the cloud, the interviews can be re-watched. This allows the recruiter to ask deeper questions including technical parts. Missed something? Simply rewind in one click.

While recording a video isn’t as easy as writing a note, it definitely gives candidates more opportunities to express themselves in a meaningful way. Where a major part of a cover letter would be filled with must-have keywords, video displays genuine exchanges.

To make it seamless, our UX designers thought of an intuitive and streamlined user interface.

To make it engaging, our Client Success team helps our clients craft top notch branded environments and user paths to shape up an outstanding candidates experience.

Yes, 2019 is the Year of the Candidate, and you can count on us to help you celebrate it as it should be!

Cheers, & Happy Hiring!

Infographic | Why Video Recruitment Works | Download