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Why authenticity is more than a buzzword in employer branding

Talent acquisition is becoming an increasingly strategic function, according to 87% of recruiting professionals to the LinkedIn Future of Recruiting report. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) introduces both opportunities and challenges in the hiring process, making authenticity a critical component of a successful candidate engagement strategy. If your strategic plans for the upcoming year do not contain a take on authentic communication yet, here is some food for thought.

The shift towards authenticity

In an age where you can let your dog sing Christmas songs in three different languages with the help of AI, people find new value in personality and authenticity. This means that candidates are seeking employers who are transparent and authentic in their communication. 81% of jobseekers surveyed by Cronofy agree that a human touch point is still a very important factor during the hiring process. Glossy job descriptions and a polished website are no longer sufficient to attract top talent. Today, candidates are thoroughly examining organisations for their culture, values, and commitment to topics as diversity and the environment. Companies that embrace openness do not only perform better at attracting candidates that fit in. They work on a positive reputation that resonates beyond the recruitment process at the same time!

Building long-term relationships

Beyond the immediate goal of filling open positions, building long-term relationships with candidates, and establishing a strong employer brand are essential. A transparent and authentic hiring strategy can be the starting point of such lasting connections, even if candidates do not secure a particular role. This pool becomes a valuable resource for future recruitment needs, creating a community of potential hires who already have a positive and realistic impression of the company.

Authenticity and self-selection

The impact of authenticity goes beyond the initial stages of recruitment. Focussing on conveying a realistic impression of everyday life at your organisation in the hiring process also encourages self-selection by candidates. Present an honest impression of culture, values, and expectations that come with the role so that candidates are able to take informed decisions about whether they align with this. On top of that being real with your candidates will also set you apart from your competition. Can you believe that 36% of hiring managers say they have lied to candidates about the role or company during the hiring process?

Better matches

When candidates self-select based on authentic representations of the company, the likelihood of creating better matches increases significantly. A study by the University of Iowa demonstrated that individuals who aligned well with the company culture, their colleagues and their supervisor experienced higher levels of job satisfaction, were less likely to quit and demonstrated exceptional job performance. The self-selection process acts as a natural filter, that eventually creates a workforce that is not only qualified but also culturally aligned. 

You can imagine that the impact of authenticity extends beyond the initial hiring phase creating a ripple effect on employee retention. Strategically incorporating authenticity into the recruitment process isn’t just about securing immediate hires. It’s an investment in the long-term success of the organisation. Employees who have self-selected into a company based on a genuine alignment of values are more likely to become advocates, contributing to a positive employer brand and attracting like-minded talent.

Steps to implement an authentic hiring strategy

Let’s explore practical steps you can take:

Make the hiring process a joined responsibility

Encourage current employees to share their experiences working for the company. Authentic testimonials provide valuable insights into the company culture and working environment. Choose realness over perfection!

Dare to be real and different

Being authentic means really giving a look behind the scenes and an honest impression of the task at hand. Don’t be afraid to show it like it is. Your potential new hire will ultimately see your true colours anyway. 

Transparent and quick communication

From the initial job posting to the final hiring decision, maintain open and transparent communication. Clearly communicate the expectations, timeline, and decision-making process to keep candidates informed. 

Feedback and improvement

Collect feedback from candidates about their experience during the recruitment process. Use this feedback to identify areas for improvement and continually refine the hiring strategy. 

By taking these steps, you can not only enhance your appeal to candidates but also contribute to a positive employer brand that extends far beyond the recruitment phase.
Happy Hiring!