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How to find the best video interview software for your recruitment strategy

You’re looking to improve your recruitment process? Heard about video as a mean to make better, lasting hirings? Then welcome to the jungle! Finding the best video interview software to suit your company is not a task to be taken lightly. Together, let’s dive into what a good video recruitment solution is, and how it could best fit your needs.

Can we really speak about a video interview video software in 2018

Using the word software nowadays almost makes you sound old fashioned. It is a fact, cloud technologies adoption has increased significantly over the past years. RigthScale survey a 92% increase in 2018 from 89% just last year. No wonder most HR Tech companies chose to dematerialize their services. A good video interview software is no exception. That’s why a great criteria to start with your research would be to drop the word software from your vocabulary and focus on a cloud-based service that can easily integrate with your HR environment. A video interview solution that seamlessly blends into your workflow will save you a lot of time and organizational costs. Look for companies offering APIs or having integration partners. If it’s not the case, they might be open to develop an integration cost-free just for you! Needless to say that those are the good ones.

Cammio offers video recruitment services in close partnership with providers such as SAP, Oracle, HR Office, Carerix and more to make sure our solution is tailored to your environment. If integration is impossible or unnecessary, our Client Success team will go with you through our interface and grant you unlimited support! The good part is that Cammio has been designed to be extremely accessible, interviewing candidates with video has never been so easy!

Still need some help? Our onboarding program will never let you down, and it will be complemented with video tutorials, support documentation and all the guidance that you want!

The basics – what a video recruitment solution needs to do

Alright, now time to get to know the basics of Video Recruitment. Obviously, a good video interview software needs to efficiently do what it is named after: taking videos of candidates answering questions. A few criteria need to be taken in account:

  • Advanced Technology: You are aiming at a state of the art product that records videos in high definition, without any latency, that is available at all time and respects the user’s privacy.
  • Format Diversity: not all job opportunities require the same screening process. Perhaps you quickly need to go through a high volume of candidates, or give a final assessment to decide between two talented contenders? Then a 30 second video pitch might be the right option. Do you want to assess multiple questions and give candidates a custom amount of time to answer them? Then automated interviews are the way to go. Lastly, do you feel like a live video meeting is actually the best option? Well, the best video interview software should give you the choice between format and provide you with strategic guidance to make the best decision.
  • Custom Branding: When it comes to video interviews, the way your brand presents itself will grandly influence the way candidates will perform. By recording questions yourself and uploading a teaser, trailer or company video, your applicant will get a glimpse at your company culture and assess the exercise with less stress. Tailor the user interface to your image by selecting a background and your logo and you will have all the keys to make the experience personal.
  • Peer reviewing: a new hire is never a ” one person only ” decision, it is all the contrary, in fact. A good video interview platform should give you the possibility to safely share candidate’s data to your colleagues and centralize their feedback.

The extra touch

Now that we covered the essentials, there are a few functionalities that could help make up your mind. It can be summed up in one question: how far into the future is the company looking? With HR Tech jumping fully in the AI Bandwagon, services are evolving fast. The best video recruitment platform is the one that incorporates a vision, updates frequently and makes wise use of emerging technologies.

Coupling that with unparalleled support both for your company and your candidates and you will find the ideal solution.

Cammio Video Recruitment Experts website

At Cammio, we can of course only vouch for our cause as we aim to tick all the boxes. Making video recruitment personal is what differentiate us from our competitors and we can only wish to prove you our goodwill! Don’t hesitate to request a free Demo!

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