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Camera shy? Not any longer!

Video is gradually taking over the internet. A study by shows that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.
It also shows that:

  • Videos increase the length of time people stay on your page, giving your brand message longer to sink in
  • If you feature yourself or employees in the video, the trust factor is raised significantly
  • People prefer watching video over reading text

More and more companies are starting to actively implement a video first strategy to present themselves in the best way possible. But to be in front of the camera is something that most of us don’t really like. Why is that? If you are one of the people that truly hate recording themselves, I have listed some steps you can follow to guide you in overcoming the fear of recording yourself on video.

Step 1. Find out what is causing your fear

The first step in overcoming your camera-shy behaviour is to find out why you’re being hesitant to show yourself online. Is it that you fear to be judged by people you don’t know? Or is it that you don’t particularly like the way you look? Finding out the reason behind your fear will help you overcome it.

Step 2. Practice

There is a very old saying that says “practice makes perfect” and that actually works! The more you stand in front of the camera, the more natural it will be and in the end it will like you are speaking to an audience instead of the camera.

Step 3. Dare to be imperfect

Perfection is very much overrated, the reason why people like to see video is that they like to see people. Most people are far from perfect, so just act natural. Dare to show your real self and shine in your video!

Step 4. Keep it short

Studies have shown that a video should be maximum 2 minutes long. Try to keep all videos under that timeframe. Make sure that the type of video fits the story you would like to tell.

Step 5. Don’t be led by rules

Don’t let rules dictate how your videos should look. Just because other people do things a certain way does not mean that you have to act in a similar way. Think about what fits your strategy, your target audience and the tone of your company. Most importantly, it should be fun!

Step 6. Keep at it!

Once you’ve started the key is to keep doing it. Yes, it requires some time investment, but the pay-off will be good. And if you’re following the steps, the more videos you record, the better you will become at it, and the less time it will take you.

To help our users add the power of video to their job description we have recently launched Cammio Stories  as an easy way to engage people inside your company to create a video for recruitment purposes. Easy to create and easy to embed on your webpage. Adding video to a vacancy makes candidates more engaged with the role and your company.
There you are, ready to go!

And hey, I’m not trying to tell you that is easy! Threading outside your comfort zone is always hard. Once you have done it you will find that the pay-off is superb!

Overcome your camera shyness
Enough reading for now! Go off and amaze me with your awesome video content! I look very much forward to seeing it online!
Happy video creating!