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The Candidate to be Lead Character of your Story with Video Recruitment

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Your life at a company can often be seen as a long, ever changing story. Management evolves, practices change and colleagues come and go. Everyone plays a part in defining the next chapter. In this context, recruitment has a truly impactful role in the future shaping of the company. The recruiter, together with the hiring manager are, in a sense, casting directors. Always on the lookout for the next character to play in your story.

In search of the perfect Lead Character

Far away from the highly stereotypical feel-good films where the main character goes on and lives a life happily ever after, movies in 2018 reflect a more intricate vision of our reality.

The trend is that there are low chances your future hire will remain in your company for a long period of time. True motivation and aspiration are often eluded questions in recruitment, the employee turnover is the highest it’s been in a decade. So much for the happily ever after story.

As recruiters, when did we forget that the candidate is the lead character of our company story? Finding a candidate that fits the part is not only defined by skills, diplomas and prestigious experience, it’s mainly about personality. When we think about our favourite characters in a show it is not their special abilities that make them so likeable, but the personality traits that guide their experience.

Recruitment should be about the same values. If your candidate culture fits the values of your brand, then you have the recipe for a character staying a few seasons, and perhaps make it to the story’s finale.

The Candidate cammio film

A story of employer branding?

Finding an outstanding cast for your movie requires for its plot has to be at least as exciting. This is the role of employer branding.

Showcasing your company image in an engaging way is the first step toward securing the best candidate. Inject personality into your brand and it will be easier for you to find culturally fitting candidates.

If we are using all these moving pictures metaphors, it is because we believe video is the perfect vector to convey both personality and brand value.

At Cammio, we can tailor a video recruitment interface that fits the company’s image, its colours, its logo, its style. The true value though, resides in the usage recruiters make of it. An automated interview is a two-way asynchronous meeting. The company can record an introductory video, an outro as well as the questions in-between separately. Candidates get to be asked questions directly from current employees and experience a glimpse of what life at the company looks like.

Playing the part in-sync

Video interviews can be seen as a good rehearsal before inviting the best candidates to a face-to-face interview. Our experience as video recruitment experts showed us that automated interviews truly speed up the recruitment process. By isolating the fitting candidates more efficiently, the amount of face-to-face interview decreases while the number of hire increases.

Playing the part in-sync is then making sure that candidates gets a proper on-boarding. One fitting the expectations built up during the interview.

There is no debate : video interviews are more demanding than a simple CV & cover letter application. It also surely conveys infinitely more information about the candidate, their personality and cultural fit. Cammio helps you create the adequate video interview for your job requisition.

Last but not least, by limiting the amount of tries a candidate has to record an answer, we encourage genuine, non-rehearsed interviews.

With that in mind, let your story begin. Are you ready?

Lights, Camera, Happy Hiring!

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