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Clean up your recruitment process and improve your candidate experience

Spring has arrived early this year! How lovely to see the sun again and to see everyone waking up from their hibernation. Most people use this time of year for a good spring cleaning. When have you last given your recruitment process a good cleaning?

At Cammio, we have proclaimed 2019 as year of the candidate. And what better way to connect with them than to dust off your processes and to improve their experience – from application to placement.

More and more recruiters realise the impact their recruitment process can have on the way potential clients view their company. I have listed some focus points for you that every good candidate focused process should have.

Easy applications

The easiest way to make someone feel special is to walk a mile in their shoes. I guess we have all (at least most of us) been in the situation where we were an applicant, and let’s face it – applying for a job can be a real pain. There can be endless forms to fill out with details that are already on your CV or your LinkedIn. Did you know that 48% of candidates drop out when they find the application process too difficult? By improving your process with a short and easy application form your candidates could already be happier with applying.


We all know that the good candidates are the candidates that are currently in a job and want to switch to the position you have available. Taking time off for an introduction meeting can be quite the hassle. With the help of digital interviewing and scheduling, candidates can now schedule their own interviews whenever it suits their calendar. One less barrier for them to get in touch!


Our view for the future is that someday candidates won’t apply for a job but for a company , where a role is found for them by the recruiters based on personality and talent. To get people to work for your brand you have to showcase your brand. Working for you has to seem like the next logical step in people’s career. So, the application process should be fun. Elements like gamification, recruiting events and other surprising ways to find out what you want to learn from a candidate will add that extra wow-factor to your brand as an employer.

Finalise by rejecting / hiring

The easy part in recruitment is making the candidate happy with good news, so I know you have that part of the process covered. But what about the other side of the recruitment story? Rejection is always hard, so let’s humanise it.

We all know that lots of applications end up unread in the “junk” inbox. Either because you have no time to go through the bulk or the parsing system in your ATS is automatically sifting through keywords in a CV and you never get to see that good candidate. Automating your process can be a good thing, but losing the humanity in recruitment just isn’t. Communication is key in this part, the rejected candidate for position A can be the perfect one for position B. Honesty will get you a long way and will give you the loyalty of the candidate. The effort you put in will pay itself of in the end.

Cleaning is always a task that isn’t a favourite one for most people. However, once you get started throwing out what you no longer need and clean off the layer of dust on stuff that hasn’t changed in a while, you will realise that sometimes a nice thorough clean is good for everyone. Out with the old, means in with the fresh and new.

Happy cleaning!

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