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Video interviews: the closest to a face to face you can get

There is no better way to find the best talent than conducting a face to face interview with each good candidate you have for a vacancy. Unfortunately, lack of time and resources doesn’t allow that, so what do we do? We call them first.

The inefficiency of phone interviews

The call isn’t the problem. The scheduling part is. You email a candidate asking when it would be a good time for him to do a phone interview. Sometimes the answer is, next week. Great, you just extended your time to hire by a week. Phone interviews are a traditional way to screen candidates, 10 to 15 minute call should be sufficient to give you some of the skills candidates can offer to your organization. The issue is what it doesn’t give you.

Many recruiters still face the situation where they welcome a candidates at their offices for an interview and within the first 3 minutes, they know they aren’t the right fit for that vacancy. What did go wrong with the phone interview? Did I forget to ask something? Am I asking the right questions? Probably a bit of everything, but the main one is something that you cannot control, a call doesn’t give you a perception of one of the most important skill a candidate should have: the interpersonal skill.

So what’s a better way to screen candidates before inviting them to a personal interview? The answer is video.

Video vs. Phone

With video there is no scheduling. Just invite candidates, forget about them for a while and do some other work, and review them as soon as they submit their interview. Your productivity level will increase dramatically. Many people see video interviews as a replacement of face to face, and that shouldn’t be the case. Only if a personal interview is not possible, then it would be a great replacement, but if you can have the candidate in front of you to evaluate him or her, there is no better option. Video interviews are great to be used before deciding who you would like to invite to a personal interview. That way, you will reduce the number of candidates visiting you while raising talent quality. Also, you will avoid those surprises inviting only the ones that you and your team have seen and liked already.

Less time + More information about candidates = Efficiency

We would like to meet all our candidates face to face. Video interviews are the closest we can get to be in that position, in order to get the most information about them in the least amount of time.


Infographic | Why Video Recruitment Works | Download