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Delight candidates! Add a human touch to your hiring process

Recruiters these days have access to many tools that make it possible to automate recruitment processes and make life easier and faster. From a candidate’s perspective, this may feel like an impersonal approach, and not something they prefer. What if we could use some sales techniques to help you delight candidates along their journey from application to hire or rejection, making candidates feel more special.

Delight candidates: Use the words they love

Different types of candidate require different styles of job descriptions. By cleverly using words that specific candidates can relate to, candidates will feel engaged early on in the process. Try using words that describe the environment they can imagine themselves working in. Some key words like “Flexible”, “Culture” and the use of “You” are indispensable, so use them more often in your job templates.

Quality before speed

Candidates want to know why you like or dislike them. If your system is performing a pre-screening that sends automated rejection letters, make sure that these letters aren’t sent on the same day as the application took place. Furthermore, be as honest as possible about why the candidate did not make the cut to proceed in the process. When candidates do proceed, explain the process so they know what to expect and possibly hold off another job for.

Make them feel like you know them

The easiest way to get to know your candidates is to ask them questions. For example, by using automated video interviews in your screening process. Pre-record a question about their favourite band, travel destination, or app for example. Bring up some of the personal touches in the next interview, the candidate will feel very appreciated. You could even go one step further and ask them what they would like to drink when you would meet, and have it ready when they arrive! When you record questions yourself, you will also give the candidate the ability to get to know you and your company before they get to the face to face interview.

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Exceed expectations and delight candidates

At the end of the recruitment process you finally get to make the candidate an offer. There are little things you can do to make your new employee feel at home right from the start. Providing a nice starter-kit, having welcome drinks on the first day, putting some flowers on the desk, or any similar gesture will make your new employee a brand ambassador from day one.
A rejection can also be a moment to exceed expectations. When you decide not to move forward with a candidate, be as honest as you can and explain why they were rejected. If the cultural fit wasn’t right, chances are that they felt the same doubt. Most importantly, the candidate will know they had a fair process and will love you for it!

Making your process more engaging and personal does takes some of your time and effort. However, the pay-off is definitely worth your while: rejected candidates will still recommend your company to others as they appreciated the process, and hired candidates will act like an ambassador for your company immediately after starting with you.

Spend time to engage with your candidates, and you’ll never be short of candidates wanting to work for you.

Happy delighting!

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