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Does your candidate experience reflect your brand?

The journey from being a job-seeker, either latent or active, towards being a new employee is a special experience. This is because the ones taking this journey, also known as the (successful) candidates, have the privilege to experience your brand both from the outside and the inside. This makes them, at least from a branding perspective, a unique stakeholder group. They are the ones who notice how well-aligned or schizophrenic your brand might be. Strong brands manage to be aligned. That is, their internal, or employer brand is consistent with the external personality. However, one dimension is often overlooked: the candidate experience. As this is right at the intersection of the internal and external branding, it should be a touchpoint that truly reflects your brand as well.

Get your candidate experience aligned

You can assume that your candidates were already familiar with your company before they applied. They might have been your customer, they could have seen your advertisements, or maybe they’ve heard exciting stories from your employees. Whichever connection they had, their image of your organization was promising enough to apply. An image either created by your ‘regular’ marketing, recruitment marketing efforts, or maybe even a combination of both. But how do you keep your candidates enthusiastic during their somewhat worrying journey? Fortunately, it is not that difficult: just make them feel familiar still. In other words, don’t drop them into an area of no man’s land in between your external image and employer brand.

The first step in getting a candidate experience that is coherent with your brand is to map your brand internally and externally. Ask yourself and your employees questions about your values and your image. What do we stand for and how are we perceived? Then look at your current candidate experience and see if there are any discrepancies. Found any? Then adjust the application process, not your values or personality. Changing those for the sake of convenience or popularity affects the organization’s authenticity.

This can lead to some insights that are actually quite obvious.

    • For example, if your organization truly values to be considerate, then don’t leave your candidates waiting for too long. Update them regularly and give real-time information about their progress.
    • Are you known to be modern and high-tech? Then your online job-application interface shall better reflect that.
    • Is your organization perceived as a trusted partner? Then make sure that your applicants should never have to worry about the privacy of their data.

At Cammio we offer a platform that enables you to create and customise a unique candidate experience. Besides the recruiter efficiency, the tool makes the journey of your potential workforce a branding opportunity. A way to showcase your brand and leave the best impression.

So, does your organization values a fair chance for everyone? Is your company perceived as innovative? Then, implementing a fully branded video interviewing tool in the application process could be the ideal way to communicate that. It would make your candidates feel at ease and even more enthusiastic about your brand.

A very welcome sentiment, because particularly in times of talent war, winning the battle of the candidate experience can make the difference.

Happy Hiring!

Infographic | Why Video Recruitment Works | Download