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Efficient recruitment – Why waste time you don’t have?

When you are recruiting, you would like to spend time with the right candidates. You’re trying to eliminate unsuccessful candidates early on in the process, so that you can allocate your time properly. But what if this first selection is already costing you a lot of time? And what if you don’t have any time left to spend with the right candidates? This could lead to poor hiring decisions, and an unsatisfied, stressed feeling for you as a recruiter. This is why efficient recruitment is so important. By being efficient, you can use the time you have to the max and ensure those great hires. At Cammio, we are aiming to help you with your efficiency. Read on to find out how we do this.

Video screening for efficient recruitment

Efficiency is not the same as going fast. I came across a post on LinkedIn that describes the issues with trying to go fast over making the best selection. Sifting through a pile of CVs and cover letters is not an efficient way to make a first selection. After reading a CV, you won’t know someone’s personality, and after reading 10 you will probably start mixing up candidates. At the end of the day, the huge pile of paperwork costs a lot of time and does not guarantee finding the right person. Adding video to the recruitment process can help. Click here to learn about the different types of interviews our platform offers. For example, candidates can send in a video pitch together with their CV so that you will have a first impression of their personality. Or, you can use an automated interview to already get to know something more about the candidate. This personal impression will allow you to make a better selection based on personality and company fit. No more wasting time on interviews that will lead to nothing!


Scheduling difficulties? A thing of the past!

Inviting the candidates can be a real struggle due to conflicting schedules. Especially if there is more than one person involved in the decision making. Using automated interviews means that nobody needs to be available at the same time. Candidates can record at their convenience, and reviewers can watch it whenever they have time. When you decide to have a live interview with a candidate, scheduling can still be an issue. Getting a hold of them on the phone is the first problem, and then you still need to align calendars. Scheduling a live interview through Cammio is also designed to make your recruitment process more efficient. You can link your calendar to your account and send candidates an invitation to schedule. They will then receive a few options based on your availability and the interview will automatically be added to your calendar.

Efficient recruitment scheduling

Hiring from abroad without travelling woes

The world is getting more connected and closer together. People work in various countries and are happy with the experience. Yet, travelling to another country for a 30-minute interview without the certainty of getting the job is still a big time and financial commitment to ask from your candidates. Still, you’d like to get to know the people applying for the position, and you don’t want to discard a candidate just because of their location. By using video interviews, you can invite candidates to record their answers in their own location and time zone. This way, you may find a gem from thousands of kilometres away!

efficient recruitment abroad
These are just a few things we recommend, but I can imagine there are many more ways to make your recruitment process more efficient. What are your best practices for efficient recruitment? Leave your tips in the comments!

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Happy hiring!