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Free-range working or interview wherever I roam

More people are saying goodbye to the traditional view of the workplace or work itself. The Internet, mobile computing and SaaS have been the conduits to a free-range work-reality enabling us to work freely from anywhere on any device. We are empowered to escape from the inefficiency of the daily commute to the office and just work anywhere we want. A recent blog post by Kevin Wheeler, a hyper-traveller and renown HR expert, explains the evolution of the remote workforce and points out that the younger generations will obviously adapt to this new reality much more easily. In recent years corporate employers have pushed the concept of flexible working to both accommodate a workforce that demands to be in more control of their work-life balance and at the same time save cost with fewer square meters office space. A recent research by Regus also emphasizes the wide-range of benefits of this modern approach to work. According to the study, 90% of firms claim that flexible working improves their employee morale and over 80% indicated that flexible working significant increased their business productivity.

With higher Internet bandwidth available and resistance to long commutes and unnecessary travel, implementing video conferencing has been a necessary tool for companies at any size and in all departments. Human Resources departments are implementing both live and automated video interviewing to pre-screen and interview candidates. Being a cloud-based tool, this means that the recruiter can conduct, review, rate and invite reviewers to the interview from anywhere on any device and not be limited to the confines of a traditional office. A secondary benefit is overcoming the struggle with the traditional method of qualifying candidates over the phone. Often candidates would pass the pre-screening and spend time coming into the office only to have the hiring manager determine they aren’t a good fit within the first few minutes of the interview.  It is a waste of time and resources for all parties involved.    Video recruitment is gradually becoming the norm for doing a first introduction meeting with candidates. If candidates get a chance to present themselves online in an automated or live video interview, they are given a first screening that is both fair and efficient.

Candidates that are then invited to an on-site interview will have passed the assessment of a personality or culture fit, and genuinely have a good chance of getting the job. All it takes is an Internet connection, a mobile device and SaaS video recruiting software such as Cammio. It is time to interview whomever, wherever. Free-range job interviewing has arrived!

You will find the blog Post by Kevin Wheeler here:


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