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Why HR Tech Integrations should be as easy as building with LEGO

The reality in todays’ HR Technology landscape is that there is an abundance of tools, solutions and software available to design a recruitment process that meets your needs. Why adjust your needs to the limitations of the functionality in the solutions you are already using? In theory building a recruitment process has become just as easy as building with LEGO. In practice that is not (yet) always the case. Here are 3 reasons why building a recruitment process should be just as simple as building with these wonderful colorful bricks from Denmark.

#1: Be creative. There is no limit to your imagination

Do you remember building a LEGO house when you were a kid? It is your design. Nobody told you how to build it. You decided the lay-out, color and features. Remember this when building a recruitment process. Don’t copy, but look at your unique recruitment needs based on the type of roles, the sheer recruitment volume, geographical scope, diversity issues and any challenges that you are facing within your organization. Today, you are no longer limited to out-of-box functionality of your ATS/HRIS. You will have picked one that can integrate with anyone, so just focus on what you need to design your perfect process. There are plenty of great tools out there and their number is increasing every single day allowing you to build a fit-for-purpose recruitment process.

#2: Make sure the bricks actually can click

Select your technology components with the utmost care for integrations capabilities. Can these providers walk-the-walk or can they only talk-the-talk of integration? Just like the fake bricks don’t click as well as they promised, make sure that you look beyond the loads of relevant functionality and a super-easy to use interface. As important as they are, assessing actual integration capabilities of your ATS or HRIS or any niche application is equally important. It will be worthwhile involving an IT specialist to assess the integration capabilities and maybe talk to some reference clients to get their experience. Integrations are made with API’s which are documented and therefore can be evaluated. It does not take a whole lot of time to get a comprehensive view on integration capabilities

#3: Build and rebuild in a continuous circle

Whatever the process you have designed with the bricks you carefully selected to be part of your unique process, at some point you will need to be prepared to adjust and rebuild. The LEGO house you built as a kid probably only lasted a couple of days before you demolished it entirely only to rebuild it from scratch. Don’t worry, your recruitment process will last a lot longer and there is no point in demolishing it entirely. The point here is that you will never be finished. The world changes, possibilities grow and your organizations needs will evolve. Why make your recruitment process evolutionary? Stop looking at it as a static process, but approach it more dynamically by constantly optimizing and rebuilding. As long as the bricks click, that should not be a problem.

When we initially developed the Cammio video recruitment platform a number of years ago, we classified our application is specialized. We are niche, not in terms of adaptation or market size, but only in a sense that we cover a specific part of the recruitment process and try to do that very well. In order for our clients to benefit from our ability to add personality to the CV, we decided to build both a great platform and at the same time a great API (application protocol interface) that would allow us to integrate our expertise with the endless HR technology applications and tools out there.

Today I am proud to say that we have already built close to 30 integrations allowing our clients to combine Cammio live, automated or video pitch interviews with their applicant tracking systems, HRIS or online assessments. Our clients can design the process that they need, while we make sure we click and work with both our clients and partners to constantly optimize the process. And we won’t stop there. Looking around me I see ever more niche applications being introduced into the HR Tech space. And as soon as their usage, client size or volume gets serious, they will need to integrate. And the integration will need to be as easy as building with LEGO. Happy hiring!


Infographic | Why Video Recruitment Works | Download