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Keeping the human in a technology driven recruitment world

Our modern world is ever-evolving and so is the way people are being hired. New technologies and a wide-range of sophisticated recruitment software have significantly changed the recruitment landscape. These modern technologies present great opportunities to make the recruitment process more efficient and flexible. Possibilities to find and attract the best talent have improved and processes are being optimized when implementing the right tools. It’s all very exciting, but at the same time, we should not forget that people are the heart of recruitment. Even though all these fantastic technologies can make it a lot easier to find talent, finding a lot of good candidates is not the same as finding the ‘’right fit’’.

Personality and cultural match are becoming increasingly important as today’s skills and educational background are not necessarily predictive of future job success. Technology in itself is not infallible and omitting the human dimension is just not an option. A matching CV hit to your well-written job description doesn’t automatically mean you have found the best candidate for your business. There is so much more to a person than a single piece of paper. In order to avoid mismatches and be able to recruit that one ‘perfect fit’, recruiters need to pay more attention to the human touch of recruitment and meet the person behind the CV. At the same time, eliminating technology for the sake of the human aspect is also not a fail-safe option. Technology is here to stay and in most cases vital in order to stay ahead in our modern and increasingly competitive world. It is therefore no wonder that many organizations struggle trying to embrace the benefits of automated recruitment systems while trying to build meaningful personal connections with prospective employees at the same time.

Though, these two don’t always need to interfere with each other. Innovative software like video interviewing can help to upgrade the hiring process while keeping the human factor and personal experience intact. Video pre-screening makes it possible to add personality to the CV and gain deeper insights into a candidate’s personality, competencies and cultural fit. The motivation letter gets replaced with a personal video of the candidate, which makes it possible to weed out bad matches based on both CV and ‘soft-skills’ early in the process. This personal approach of technology puts recruiters in a unique position as it allows them to get to know the candidate right from the start while they can also benefit from a fast and efficient technology-powered process. When it comes to hiring, it’s not a matter of humans vs. technology. In the end, technology is a tool, not a skill and only as good as the people who use it. It’s a matter of choosing the right tools and knowing how to leverage the technology to your advantage in order to create an efficient but also reliable process.

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