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Let your personality shine! Get noticed with an added Video Pitch in your application!

Even in 2019, not all recruiters have a personality-centered recruitment process. Despite what you might think as a candidate struggling to find an open vacancy, the search for top performers is a real challenge for companies. Bogged down by inefficient parsing practices and a search-for-keywords in CVs that could be apparent as a witch hunt, there is a true difficulty for companies to identify what makes you special. Perhaps it is time for you to push your qualities right in front of them, with a Video Pitch!

Following the release of our latest feature: the Video Pitch Widget, candidates are now able to safely record and send a quick video of themselves to the recruiter. The rules are all blurred out and this is your chance to shine and make a strong impression!

A video pitch is not a CV-lecture

With such a powerful tool available, the first mistake candidates could do would be to record a very plain word-by-word enunciation of their CVs.

Forget the keywords, video pitches should be all about your personality. Introduce your objectives, hobbies, and show how you, more than any other candidate, fit the company culture you’re trying to join. Spend more time on your experiences facing different challenges throughout your career rather than listing your past jobs. Use this pitch opportunity to show how knowledgeable you are about the company and ask questions (proving your interest) to get behind-the-scene insights. A lot more can be learned by spending over 30 seconds with you than by reading a standardized piece of paper.

Privacy first, making sure your videos are in good hands

At Cammio we believe candidates should remain the sole owner of their data. That’s why we’ve designed our Video Recruitment platform with in mind a deep respect for candidate privacy and data security at its core. A Video Interview, whether it’s a live session, an automated interview or a Video Pitch should always be conducted with peace of mind that your data are encrypted and not misused and easily disposable if required.

Showing of your personality with video might be tempting but not every process (often required by companies) ensure sufficient protection for your Data. The culprits here could be Skype or YouTube, used as medium to share video content between candidates and recruiters. With Cammio, your video interview can only be shared through secured links with limited ‘’ reviewer-only ‘’ access and time-based validity.

So, is your dream job a video pitch away from being yours? That’s all we can wish for!

Happy Recording!