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Meet all your candidates face to face

Let’s put it this way. You are a recruiter. You receive hundreds of applications per vacancy. You have an ATS that does the “dirty job” of screening applicants for you on the first place. You invite people to a phone interview. Scheduling is a nightmare, you end up talking to many voicemails and people saying they can’t talk at that moment, but finally you speak to them. You select candidates based on 15-20 minutes conversation on the phone with them. You invite some for a face to face interview.

Then you get the surprises… In 20 % of the cases, you know that they are not a good match for that job in the first 3 minutes of conversation. So you wasted time, a lot of your valuable time. If you are lucky enough, you may find the right person in one of the other interviews. If not, you start the process again from the beginning hoping that this is the time it will work.

Now. Let’s imagine that someone comes to you and tells you: “I can help you to personally meet each applicant that your ATS delivers after the screening phase and assure you that this will take significant less time than what you are currently spending in your recruiting process”

What would you say? ” That would be awesome! Great! Wonderful! Can’t wait! Tell me how!!!

The answer is simple. That’s basically what a good video interview solution will bring as a result to your organisation. Why?

  1. Flexibility for the candidates: automated interviews allow you to create an interview template with your questions (preferably video questions) and then invite candidates to record the answers at their own convenience. They can also record their own video pitch. This gives them flexibility to prepare and make the interview whenever they are ready and comfortable doing it. Forget about calling them in the middle of their working today, they can’t talk at that time so you need to reschedule and is difficult to find a moment where you are still working but the candidate is not, so he can actually take that call.
  2. Flexibility for you: on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can easily review candidates whenever it suits you best.
  3. Productivity: Have the ability to review many more candidates in less time. While a normal phone interview takes quite a lot of your time as first you need to schedule it and second, you need to conduct the interview. With automated video interviews you don’t have scheduling or waiting time and you can get much better perception of the candidate in less amount of time.
  4. Collaboration: you can easily share the automated or live video interviews with other people internally, so they can also review and share their opinion or make their comments. One of the biggest challenges is to get the hiring manager involved in the process as they normally have very little availability. With video interviews, you can make sure they review the candidates at a much earlier stage on the process, saving you weeks on your overall Time to Hire.
  5. Meeting them: you are hiring people, not paper, not voices. Video interviews give a better perspective of the candidates, how they communicate, how they react to questions, if they have empathy or not and some other skills that you can’t get on a phone interview or by looking at a CV or even worse, a cover letter!
  6. Avoiding surprises: automated or live video interviews allow you to only invite to a personal interview, the candidates that you and all the people involved in the decision making process have seen and liked already. No more surprises when you see a candidate first time at the face to face interview.
  7. Efficiency: if you integrate video interviews into your recruitment process, it will increase its efficiency significantly. Less time to hire, less costs per hire, better talent hired faster.
  8. Real talent: you will get better candidates from the beginning. They will need to prepare for the video interview, spend some time to present themselves in the best way possible and you will notice who actually did an effort to do it right and who didn’t. This will show you who is really interested in getting that job at your company. You will avoid those “not really interested” candidates that just apply to see what happens and usually give you more work to do with no real value added.

As summary, if you are not using video interviews in your recruitment process, you are wasting time, money, and even worse, you are wasting Talent.

Infographic | Why Video Recruitment Works | Download