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Onboarding Clients Workshop

By Yuri Peeters

As a Client Success Manager, one of our favorite moments is welcoming a new client! Who is our new client? Why have they chosen Cammio? How can we improve their recruitment process? These are all questions we are eager to find out. The onboarding of our clients starts right after our sales team hands over the new client to the Client Success team. From this moment on, the client will follow several steps in their on-boarding, concluding with a training.

Before we get started 💜

Why a good onboarding is important for our clients?

Probably very straightforward, but we all know how important an onboarding is for a new employee. The employee needs to feel welcome and taken care of by the company, so that after the onboarding the new employee can thrive individually. This is the same when implementing new software within an organization. That is why we at Cammio find the onboarding process extremely important. Through a good onboarding, our client will be able to achieve the best results by implementing our products.

Extra step in the onboarding: Workshop

From the start of 2022, the on-boarding has been expanded with an additional step, a workshop! Through this workshop, we not only get better insight into what our clients want to achieve through Cammio, but our clients get a better understanding on how they can implement our products in their recruitment process. And our workshop is completely interactive! By creating an interactive workshop, our Client Success Managers make sure that our clients are heard and create a space for our clients to think about Cammio in their recruitment process themselves. Furthermore, the workshop helps build the relationship between client and Cammio

The importance of the onboarding

Since implementing the workshop in the onboarding process, the Client Success team of Cammio also give the recruiters who use the Cammio products a voice. By inviting as many employees as possible (recruiters, managers, talent sources, and more) who use the Cammio products, the workshop creates an open space for all employees to think critically about the usage of Cammio in their recruitment process. In addition, the workshop creates a space for discussion between the employees as well as having the opportunity to ask questions regarding the Cammio products.Thanks to the workshop, employees of our client are now much more aware of the value Cammio can bring to their recruitment process, rather than just seeing how the product works. Additionally, our clients have also experienced several of our products from a candidate experience. In turn, this makes it easier for clients to start using our products quicker and of course efficiently.

What happens during the workshop?

During the workshop, our client’s recruiters are updated on the Cammio products as well as why their company chose to implement Cammio. In addition, our clients are also invited beforehand to participate in an automated interview to answer a couple of critical questions regarding their current recruitment process. By participating in an automated interview, our client also already has a better understanding of the candidate experience before the workshop has even started!

After a brief explanation of our products, the Client Success Manager invites all attendees to a MIRO-board, in which our client can discuss the following subjects for our products: gain points, pain points, place in a candidate journey, and video content. Together with the Client Success Manager, the recruiters get more ideas on how to use Cammio products and how to avoid any potential pitfalls.

The road to success!

By adding an additional step in the onboarding, we help our client towards the road of success of implementing video recruitment in their current recruitment process. After a workshop, the Client Success Manager plans a training with our client. Before the training, the client is already aware of all the benefits of the Cammio. This makes it easy for the client to understand both the training and to be able to go live right after the training! And just like with a successful onboarding of a new employee, our clients can individually start using our products successfully after the onboarding is completed!