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Keeping a personal touch when using automated interviews

Meeting the right candidates is great, you’ll have energising conversations about what they will bring to your company and how you will conquer the world together. As a recruiter, you understand that human qualities are important in bringing your team together. Automating your processes may seem contradictory: how can something that’s automated figure out human qualities? We agree that it’s important to keep the personal touch in recruitment, and that is why the automated interviews are created to help – not hinder – human interaction.

Automated interviews allow you to be creative

Allow me to share a personal experience. My first encounter with video interviews happened a few years ago when I applied for a traineeship. The automated interview started with a welcome message from one of the coordinators of the programme, explaining the steps of the interview. After that, each question was presented by a trainee that was currently enrolled in the programme I was applying for. They used their videos to show their working environment and share their experience, and then ask the question. This creative interview gave me a very complete overview of the company I was applying for. I probably even learnt more about the company than I would have from a one-on-one interview on one location. On top of that, the process felt personal and welcoming because I was introduced to some faces already. This is just one of the many examples of creative usage of automated interviews. You can show and tell as much as you like with your candidates to bring across that personal feeling.


Getting a personal response

From the recruiter’s point of view, you will get a genuinely personalised response from your candidates. You can limit the number of times a candidate are able to record their answer, for example to two or three recordings. This way, candidates will respond candidly, and not with thoroughly rehearsed, almost scripted answers. At the same time, you want to make sure your candidates have enough time to think of a response and get used to the video aspect of the interview. Ask them questions that allow them to tell you what excites them and what they’re passionate about – and you will get a great feel for which candidates will match your organisation.


Spending time with the best candidates

Automated interviews do not replace the live interviews. Rather, they help you find out which candidates you want to invite for the next round. A CV doesn’t tell you anything about someone’s personality yet, but a video does. By allowing you to pre-select on personality, you will invite fewer candidates for a live interview, and you’ll have more time with them. If you’re conducting the live interview online, you can also use the scheduler functionality in Cammio to set a time and date based on your availability. This will save you even more time – time that you can use to personally connect with the right candidate.

You can also use pre-recorded videos and questions to present your company to your candidates. In short, the automated interview allows you to get more natural responses from your candidates, helping you pre-select the best matches with whom you will get to spend time with! Find out how Cammio can help your recruitment process. Automation will not take the human out of human resources, rather it is here to help find better matches and create more personal connections.

Happy hiring!

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