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Q&A with staffing and recruiting software provider Carerix

We believe in an open, integrated and collaborative business model where we integrate our innovative video recruitment solution with other specialist platforms, creating value across the entire recruitment process. Our market-leading API allows us to integrate with applicant tracking systems, just as easily as with e-assessments and your HRIS. This has resulted in a collaborative HR/recruitment technology ecosystem where Cammio can help drive a more efficient process. Supporting this collaborative HR ecosystem, we are always interested in hearing from our partners.  To this end, we have interviewed staffing and recruiting software provider, Carerix, about their vision on market developments and technology’s role in human resources management.

In this video, Carerix Trainer and Functional Consultant Kelly van der Laan discusses the software provider’s views on recruitment technology, important product developments and what makes Carerix unique.

Q&A with Carerix

How would your clients best describe Carerix?

‘’Software is a means for commercially driven business nowadays to cut costs and optimize processes. Often, the ultimate challenge in this doesn’t lie in finding software that meets their requirements, but rather, software that is user-friendly. This applies unconditionally to the implementation and usage of any software in the personnel intermediate industry. In this industry, it is all about people: whether it is the Candidate, the prospective Employee, Corporate HR, Hiring Manager or Recruitment Consultant. They have one thing in common: they come across software that is intended to optimize the recruitment process and/ or to cut costs for Corporate HR and/ or the Recruitment Agency and it is their responsibility to use it and make it work for them!!!! To succeed in cutting costs and optimizing the process long term, any software has to meet the users individual expectations and minimize challenges on their experience while using software.’’

‘’For Carerix’ clients, which are primarily operating in the Recruitment, Temp and Staffing industry, our software is their means to optimize their processes and their gateway to stay profitable and successful in a competitive market. Besides Carerix Staffing & Recruiting Software being fast, stable and adaptable to their processes, clients choose Carerix for being a dedicated business partner on the implementation and daily usage of the software. They appreciate us for being pro-active and eager to stay the best in our joint market and as a result, we serve their business goals the best. Providing efficient and effective software for recruitment, combined with a quality product and service level, are the reasons clients choose Carerix to enable them achieve to their business goals and make informed strategic business decisions.’’

What makes Carerix unique?

‘’Carerix developed and supplies Software as a Service since 2004, specifically designed to suit the needs of the international personnel intermediates (i.e. agencies in about 20 countries, distributed over 4 continents ).

Operating in the volatile world of recruitment, our customers can no longer rely on tracking applications effectively and efficiently, if they want to maintain a profitable business. Sales, Online Marketing and Procurement are areas of expertise that they have to incorporate in their daily business to keep ahead. Ideally their software supports these in keeping with the flexibility of modifying their processes continuously and thereby keeping up their efficiency. Carerix Staffing and Recruiting Software not only combines the functionalities of Customer Relationship Management and Applicant Tracking Software all in one, but also provides our clients with easy connectivity to software solutions that support these other business processes like payroll, vendor management and alike.’’

Why have you selected Cammio as a partner?

‘’One of the areas our clients look for, are innovative ways to present their candidates to their customers. As pictures say more than a thousand words, adding video to or even replacing the digital resume is a powerful and effective way to achieve this. Rather than developing this kind of added functionality ourselves, Carerix values the experience and proven track record of existing technology providers. As Cammio is a specialist in providing video recruitment technology, Carerix is proud to have Cammio incorporated in their software both from a functionality perspective as well as a cooperative perspective. They not only provide our customers with the possibility to incorporate video in their application process, but are also an innovative asset to our partner network.’’

Any interesting developments on the roadmap?

‘’Well, things that are Utopia today, might be history tomorrow, so we at Carerix ask our customers to articulate their needs and desires for us to improve the functionalities of our software. On the other hand, Carerix Staffing & Recruiting Software is the gateway for our customers from a technology perspective to keep up with all the trends, developments and innovations in the world of Recruitment and incorporate these in their daily business. Therefore, we continuously improve our core software on a weekly basis to keep up and ahead of these. In addition, we actively look for and aspire to connect with technology providers who are the best in their breed to add value to and overcome the challenge of our customers in their line of business. Whether it is aligning our User Interface to current standards or the way the stakeholders in recruitment (i.e. the Candidate, the Corporate HR, the Hiring Manager and the Recruitment Consultant) connect and communicate with each other.’’

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