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Q&A with recruitment software provider Greenhouse

We believe in an open, integrated and collaborative business model where we can add value based on our core expertise, video. We integrate our innovative video recruitment solution with other specialist platforms to create value in the recruitment process. Our market-leading API allows us to integrate with applicant tracking systems, just as easily as with e-assessments and your HRIS. This has resulted in a collaborative HR/recruitment technology ecosystem where Cammio can help drive a more efficient process. We are always interested to hear from our partners what their views are on market developments and technological trends. To this end, we have interviewed recruitment software provider Greenhouse about their vision, recent developments and what makes them unique.

What’s your vision on the role of HR technology in talent acquisition?

‘HR technology should help talent acquisition teams become more strategic in their operations. Teams shouldn’t focus on simply filling open seats, but rather how they can use software to build scalable and consistent processes that allow them to find and hire the best talent in their market. With technology, acquisition teams can serve as key business partners that help drive business strategies and build their corporate and hiring brands’.

What do you see as key trends in talent acquisition?

‘The biggest trend we have seen is the use of data and analytics to improve recruiting performance. Recruiters are becoming more savvy in managing their processes and pipelines and need data to help them make more informed decisions. Just as marketers learned to use data to improve performance and improve time through the funnel, recruiters are doing the same. For example, companies are looking to be more strategic with their sourcing plans and spending. Having data that gives insight into what sources provide the highest quality candidates allows them to optimize their sourcing budgets and focus on the best channels and phase out unproductive ones’.

How would your clients best describe Greenhouse?

‘We have been able to work with really great companies across verticals who are looking to optimize their recruiting. Customers have been Greenhouse’s biggest advocates in the marketplace and have helped reinforce our brand and positioning in the market. Customers often describe Greenhouse as a company who really gets recruiting and the product and services reflects that. Customers love our support team and really develop a partnership with their Account Managers who help them achieve their recruiting goals. One of our clients BrightRoll wrote us and said “The entire team, from the founders down to every account manager and support individual has provided nothing short of a first class experience. They are the only team that truly gets it’.

What makes Greenhouse unique?

‘At Greenhouse, we believe that talent is critical for building outstanding companies. Building a world-class recruiting process requires a focused and collaborative effort across the organization. Our goal at Greenhouse is to provide a recruiting platform that removes the barriers to scaling and turns recruiting into a company’s competitive advantage. We help businesses improve recruiting performance rather than focusing on administrative tasks. Greenhouse executes on these goals by providing a platform that allow companies to implement structured interviews, centralize hiring processes, drive team collaboration and make data driven decisions’.

Why have you selected Cammio as a partner?

‘As a recruiting platform, Greenhouse works with and supports the vendors in the recruiting ecosystem. Video recruiting is a growing market that provides recruiters additional flexibility when screening candidates. By integrating with Cammio, we were able to expand our platform with a leading video recruiting partner and provide ongoing value for our customers’.

Any interesting developments on the roadmap?

‘We are very responsive to our customers and they are a key driver of our roadmap. Over the next year we will be providing customers with a mobile app, continued enterprise support, ongoing UX improvements, an analytics platform as well as additional platform integrations’.

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