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Recruit outside your comfort zone

Stuck in unsuccessful habits? Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens!
At one point in your career you will be faced with this picture:
Recruit outside your comfort zone
Doing just that is the hardest thing you will try to do – as us humans have the tendency to form habits and to stick to them, even if we realise that they don’t actually work for you. Not too long ago I was struggling with health issues, so something had to change. Eating meat was the habit I decided to erase from my life. Mostly I’m ok with it except when I go to places where I normally eat and out of habit would order my “regular” menu. Also whilst grocery shopping, I would visit the meat area even though I don’t buy anything from there anymore. But hey, it’s a habit I just cannot shake off yet.

Studies have shown that changing a habit takes about 66 days on average. My question to you is: Which habits are no longer working for you and would you like to change?

At Cammio we face changing processes (and habits) on a daily basis. We see recruiters that are sometimes quite stuck in their ways. Maybe reading further can help you identify habits you may have, and help you see the benefits of using video in your processes.

Phone interviews

Are you still in the habit of doing a phone screening with every candidate that sends you a CV? Do you also have a constant lack of time? Did you know that you can save time on setting up the interview, reaching the candidate and asking the same questions over and over, by simply implementing live interviews as an intake? This way you can “meet” every candidate without any effort from your side. With the smart scheduling tool you can even have the candidates plan their own interview in your agenda.

Meet and Greet Recruitment days

Are you holding 30-minute face to face introduction interviews? Making small talk with each and every candidate, and also providing them with something to drink? Reality shows that you easily spend more than 30 mins per candidate. There is an easy fix for this: By sending all candidates an automated interview you can easily pre-select candidates and only invest your time in the ones that best match your expectations.

Still love the motivational letter

For every job you post online, candidates will apply with their CV and motivation letter. You, as the recruiter, have to sift through all of them. Can you really judge a candidate’s motivation by reading a – perfectly edited – letter? And do you have the time to thoroughly read and consider each one? If the answer is even a slight no, consider implementing the video pitch in your application form. It’s a quick and easy way for candidates to record or upload their motivation video, so you as the recruiter can sit back and watch!

We know change is hard, but if the struggle is real you know the time has come for next (new) thing. If the time has come for you to save time, screen more efficiently, only meet high quality candidates and to improve your employer brand and candidate experience at the same time… You know where to find us!

Happy hiring!