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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No: It’s a Supercandidate!

For the last decade or so, superheroes have dominated cinemas worldwide. Every other blockbuster coming out recently has shown us people in costumes that possess some kind of superpower. What these movies teach their audience usually comes down to that even the most unlikely person can become a superhero, all you need is faith, good intentions, and a secret identity. And superpowers, obviously. I haven’t missed many of these films over the last years – I’m very much the target audience – and therefore I’m going to try to bring superheroes into my daily life. In this blog, I want to find out how to discover the candidates’ superpowers.

Green Lantern

Green lantern
When creativity is high on your list of requirements, you’re looking for the Green Lantern type of candidate. Green Lantern’s powers are unlocked by a power ring, that let him do anything. The powers are based on willpower and imagination. Think of the power ring as the job, unlocking the potential of the candidate. The candidate’s willpower and imagination are the only limitations you have: This is what you’re testing during the interview! Ask questions that allow candidates to be imaginative. Let them come up with solutions for difficult problems, or give them an assignment to work on that showcases their creativity.


This will be the shortest paragraph, but I can’t write something about superheroes and leave my favourite one out. You won’t be hiring Bruce Wayne. He’s a billionaire. If he wants to work for you, he’ll buy your company. Sorry.

The Incredible Hulk

Let’s talk about the elep Hulk in the room. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry, because he gets all big, strong and green when he does. He becomes someone else entirely, and can’t control his actions. I’m not suggesting you should hire candidates whom you need to anger – that would probably not end very well. However, sometimes a candidate may seem to keep to themselves at first glance, only to get passionate once you get them talking. As a recruiter, you want to make sure you hire the person whose superpower it is to get stuck in a problem and doesn’t let go until it’s fixed. How do you find your Hulk? Ask open questions and give enough time to answer them. Let the candidate elaborate on their answers so that you can see their passion shining through in their words.

The hulk

Captain Marvel

The most recent superhero movie to release is about Captain Marvel. She possesses superhuman strength, she can fly at six times the speed of sound, and can shoot explosive blasts from her fingers. Her superpowers are basically everything – so when you’re presented with this candidate you bet you’re going to want to hire her. When you find a candidate that seems to be a perfect hire, chances are that other recruiters think the same way. You should make sure that your hiring process is engaging, efficient and timely. As a recruiter, that’s your superpower: to find, identify and hire the perfect candidate.

At Cammio, we like to help you find your company’s new heroes, whether you’re looking for top creative talent, passionate problem solvers, or someone who can do everything. We can even try to help you hire Batman, if you’d like, but I must say that he doesn’t seem like a great team player. Using video interviews allows you to provide candidates with an engaging process from the very first step of their application, and you’ll be able to see the true identity of the person behind the mask.

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Have you got any superhero hiring stories you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!