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Recruitment Battle Royale

One of the biggest trends in video games right now is Battle Royale. Even if you’re not into video games, you’ve probably heard of Fortnite at some point in the last few months. Fortnite is a shooting game and was one of the pioneers of this game mode, in which one player is set up against 99 others and the goal is to be the last man standing. Since its release, there’s been other games that have adopted similar game modes. Not just shooting games, mind you, my personal favourite Battle Royale game is Tetris 99 – a very addictive variation of the classic Tetris game where you try to beat your opponents by sending rubbish their way and clearing your lines as fast as possible.

These games are very addictive and very popular. Because of the way they are set up, everyone has an equal shot at winning. There’s no advantage at the beginning of the game for any player: all that sets you apart are your skills. Throughout the game, players are able to gain advantages by picking up items that boost their performance such as powerups and special weapons. The last man standing at a Battle Royale is the player who played the game the best, and that result is completely unbiased. Full disclosure, the highest rank I’ve ever gotten is #2.

When you think about it, an ideal recruitment process has a lot of similarities to a Battle Royale. You start with a certain number of candidates, let’s say 100. Each and every one of them then starts on the same basis: their skills, experience and personality are all that can set them apart from their competitors. In the end, there is only one person left standing – the perfect hire and the winner of your recruitment Battle Royale.

In creating your ideal recruitment process, it is important to keep these principles in mind. How do you make sure that you truly select the best candidate based on the requirements you set for the job? In other words, how do you find the perfect hire without bias? Adding video to your recruitment process can help. Allowing candidates to explain themselves through an automated video interview will give recruiters additional insights in their personalities, motivation and skills. Reading 100 CVs without seeing the person behind them can easily lead to (over)quickly drawn conclusions, and may end up in rejecting the best candidates in your first elimination round.

After the first selection round, you’ll want to find those candidates that were able to pick up that extra advantage. In the recruitment case: you want to find candidates who’ve learned about your company, are genuinely interested, and fit in well within your team. At this stage you’ll want to talk to the remaining candidates in real-time, to get an even more complete picture of their profile. Using live video interviews with a script, you can discuss the same topics with each candidate and review their answers.

As a player, I notice I get better at these competitive games. The same goes for candidates in a recruitment process. As a candidate, you can read up on what the company is like, what the requirements are, and how to best prepare for a video interview. Furthermore: practice makes perfect. Cammio offers candidates a dedicated support page, where they can find tips and tricks on how to prepare for a video interview, and a practice tool that they can use to practice an automated interview.

If you want to improve your recruitment process by adding video, why not put down the controller and schedule a demo? As for me – I’m going to try to get that #1 spot in Tetris…

Playful Hiring!