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Recruitment in 2015

We want to take this opportunity to wish you a great video-powered recruitment year and thank you for your continued support and inspiration. At Cammio, we’re gearing up to help ever more companies enhance their recruitment process with better and more visual pre-screening in 2015. To kick-start the New Year check out these 3 trends we foresee in recruitment that will shape the way you work in 2015.

#1: Marketing your brand

The line between recruiting and marketing is blurring. Companies are more and more aware of the impact that marketing has on their overall hiring process. Companies large and small are faced with increasing competition to secure talent. Employer branding is and should be a top priority for many companies. Digital (marketing) tools allow for segmenting the right talent, which can then be targeted with marketing campaigns. Social media is becoming the preferred channel to promote their company as a great place to work and engage with prospective employees online.

#2: Mobile recruitment

The number of candidates searching and applying for jobs from their mobile devices is rapidly increasing. Although there are differences in mobile behaviour along the various stages of the recruitment process, companies will need to ensure a mobile-centric recruitment strategy. The combination of smartphones and the Web has changed candidates’ expectations. At the same time, too many employers have been slow to adapt to this shift to mobile. In 2015 we will reach a point in time where mobile becomes a hygiene factor for a good recruitment process. Organizations will need to deliver compelling mobile career experiences in order to attract the best talent.

#3: Hiring for personality

Hiring the right employees is vital to the long-term growth and success of your business. As today’s skills may not be relevant tomorrow, more and more employers will be increasingly looking at personality and cultural match as an indicator of future performance. In order to avoid mismatches and recruit talented people that not only fit the job profile, but also the company’s culture, employers need to embrace new recruitment strategies. This will allow them to gain deeper insights into a candidate’s personality, competencies and cultural fit earlier in the process. Modern recruitment software like video interviewing will provide many organizations with a solution to enhance their selection process and make better informed hiring decision.


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