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Is your recruitment process hurting your innovative business strategies?

Organizations that want to create a basis for long-term success need to make sure their company is able to innovate and adapt to dynamic markets. While almost every company is already claiming to be in someway ‘innovative’ and organizations are whipping up real ‘innovation departments’ for their businesses, some difficulties arise as other business departments often don’t feel included in this innovative mission. Processes are often out-dated and do not follow the modernized and innovative spirit the organizations pursues. Unfortunately, this also applies to many recruitment processes. Companies need to attract and retain innovators for their company in order to make all their efforts to create an innovation driven business worthwhile but this is simply hard to achieve when their recruiting processes still seem to be from the Middle Ages.

Organizations are spending fortunes on designing internal value propositions and creating appealing modern recruitment campaigns to portray the company as a great place to work and attract their highly needed talent. At the same time one of the most important parts in the process of selecting and hiring people, the interview, remains untouched. The most talented and hard-to-land innovators are looking for forward-thinking companies and the recruiting process is often one of the first impressions candidates get from a company. This means employers just can’t afford to ignore emerging technologies and skimp on their recruitment strategy. Pioneers of innovation like Facebook, Google and their Silicon Valley counterparts are redefining how businesses conduct themselves in every facet. The competition is fierce and employers need to upgrade their processes if they don’t want to be left behind in the race to recruit their highly needed talent.

Employers should take a critical look at every part of their recruitment process. Staying connected to candidates at every stage and making sure their processes are aligned to their desired image and employer brand should be a priority. Luckily many employers are already powering their recruitment processes with the integration of modern recruitment solutions like video recruitment, social media and mobile recruitment. The interview is one of the last frontiers in e-recruitment. The use of video interviews offers a way to upgrade the first impression, ad personality to the CV, increase recruitment efficiency and provide a modern way of recruiting. Business as usual doesn’t cut it any more and the same goes for recruitment. Change is needed and it is time for HR to embrace innovation.

Are your recruitment processes prehistoric?

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