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Recruitment resolutions for 2018

Let me start this off by wishing you a very happy New Year. Every year, I make a few New Year’s resolutions, and like every year I have already caved and ordered pizza instead of going to the gym within the first week of 2018. The short-term benefit of a tasty pizza won over the long-term benefit of a perfect beach-bod. I would like to share a few recruitment resolutions that will benefit your hiring processes both short- and long-term. With these, you cannot lose!

Here are my top 3 recruitment resolutions for 2018

2018 resolutions

I want to spend less time on unsuccessful candidates, and more time on successful ones

When recruiting new candidates, it is often difficult to judge someone’s personality solely on their CV. Many times, a candidate is invited for an interview and within the first minute of the meeting, it is clear that their personality is not a match for the organisation. Valuable time was spent to set a date and time that works for everyone involved, preparing the meeting and conducting the interview. This year, make it a goal to get a first impression of your candidate’s personality beforehand. By using video interviews, candidates will be able to add personality to their CV. This way, you can spend your time recruiting those talents that are best suited for your organisation.

I want to improve the candidate experience

The candidate experience is becoming increasingly important. Word-of-mouth regarding your organisation spreads like wildfire through social media, either negative or positive. In a worst-case scenario, a poor candidate experience not only leads to negative word-of-mouth and fewer customers, it also leads to a damaged (employer) brand reputation and the loss of qualified talent. In 2018, part of your New Year’s resolutions can be to improve the candidate experience.
champagne resolutions
There are many ways to improve the candidate experience. Keeping the candidate engaged throughout the process, and presenting yourself and your organisation clearly and excitingly, can make a great difference. By adding video interviews to the recruitment process, you get a chance to connect with a candidate in a more meaningful way, early on in the process. Candidates will also be able to show their personality, allowing them to be more engaged as well. Adding this step will also lower the time spent on phone interviews, so it speeds up the process. Candidates will appreciate a fast selection process, as it shows you value their time. By pre-screening candidates, you also ensure that you are not unnecessarily inviting candidates that don’t match your organisation, saving them and yourself time and effort.

I want to recruit new talent based on bias-free selection processes

You want to make the best possible decision when recruiting new talent, and you want to do so by making objective judgements about the candidate in front of you. However, it’s Monday morning, really early, the coffee machine is broken and you have your first appointment in 5 minutes. A bit later on in the day, you’ve just had some good news and you’re listening to your favourite happy song before going into the next scheduled interview. Unfortunately, these two interviews may be very different, and not necessarily because of the candidate. So how will you make sure these two candidates get the same opportunity?

Video recruitment allows you to bypass biases. You are able to revisit a candidate’s application without relying solely on your notes and memory. Another benefit of this is that other people within your organisation can also see and review the application exactly as it happened. Lastly, it will enable you to ask each candidate the same questions in the exact same way, while allowing the candidate the same time frame to answer. Let this year be the year you eliminate biases from your recruitment process.

Fireworks resolution
These are some examples of resolutions you could have for 2018. I’m wishing you all the best in setting, achieving and breaking your goals this year. As for me, I believe I have an appointment with the gym today…

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Happy hiring!

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