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Recruitment technology adoption

In our modern and ever-changing world, new technologies have helped upgrade the way job candidates are being hired. The development of increasingly sophisticated technologies like video recruitment, referral recruitment and matching have significantly changed the landscape of recruitment. This presents great opportunities to make the recruitment process more efficient, flexible and reliable. Understanding these game-changing innovations is crucial to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to hiring the best talent. Although the use of recruitment technology is lauded for its fast time-to-value, recruiters are sometimes believed to be holding back on investment in recruiting technology for various reasons. How do they really feel about the rise of recruiting software and technology? Software Advice (an online reviewer of recruiting technology) surveyed approximately 100 recruiters to find out.

According to the survey, 91% of recruiters use some form of recruiting technology. Besides, a vast majority of recruiters (89 percent) said that the use of recruiting technology is either ‘extremely’ of ‘very’ important for performing their jobs well. Aside from the use of email and job boards, 9 percent of recruiters noted they don’t use any recruiting software or technology whatsoever. The most common obstacle to adopting recruiting software is budget. Half of recruiters indicated that their limited financial resources is by far the most significant factor for not adopting new technologies. A quarter of recruiters revealed that the software/technology is too complicated and they think their manual methods are quicker. Also security concerns play a part in the decision to not adopt technology. The security factor however is the least important factor as none of the recruiters indicated the security factor as an ‘extremely’ important’ barrier.

When we look at the experiences of the recruiters that are already using recruiting technology, the expenses seem to be worth it. Over 90% of recruiters indicated that their recruiting software and technology is either ‘very’ or ‘extremely beneficial’ compared to the costs. The majority of recruiters actually using recruiting software noted that it was easy for them and/or their team to learn how to use the software. Besides, over 90% of recruiters using recruitment technology are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ confident that their stored data is secure and none of the respondents reported being ‘not at all confident’ in their data security.

Although there will always be some recruiters who are lagging behind in terms of technology adoption, as is the case in any market, it appears that many of the concerns the minority of recruiters have seem not substantiated by the experience of the vast majority of recruiters. It is however easy to imagine that the abundance of choice in recruitment technology can be somewhat overwhelming. At the same time employers who aren’t paying attention to how recruitment technology can improve their processes are running the risk of falling behind. Employers that want to take their business to the next level need to embrace modern technologies like video recruitment to enhance their processes and attract the best talent.

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