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Retail Recruitment: challenges and solutions in a fast changing industry

Hiring in retail is rising again after a few years of decline due to a lack of consumer spending and an economic downturn. With over 3,7 million retail enterprises across Europe (Eurostat 2010), the retail segment is one of the largest employers in Europe. In today’s competitive and constantly evolving industry, retailers not only have to deal with the increasing pressure of attracting consumers, but also in attracting qualified talent. Customer service, personability and general consultancy skills are becoming more and more important for the overall shopping experience and customer satisfaction.

Research shows that conversion rates increased 9% when consumers were assisted by employees who possess a high degree of product knowledge and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills. Retail recruiters know the importance of not just hiring quickly but also hiring people with the right credentials.

At the same time, many retailers face some critical recruitment challenges, due to typical retail hiring issues such as temporary staffing, high employee turnover and volume recruiting. In the quest for a more flexible and efficient process, more and more employers are implementing a modernized approach to recruiting. A digital recruitment and interview process offers solutions. Employers in retail using online job interviews are able to see more candidates in less time, get a good first impression of candidates at the pre-screening level and enhance their quality-of-hire. Our new whitepaper on Retail Recruitment outlines current trends in retail, job market developments, recruitment challenges and possible solutions.


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