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Summer recruitment: staying on top of your recruitment game

Who doesn’t love the summertime? A time to kick back and relax: Enjoying the nice weather, long evenings on the beach and (for lots of us) the annual summer holiday.

But in recruitment, summer is like any season. Of course, a selection of your clients and candidates are also on holiday – but did you know that 70% of all job seekers start looking for a new job when returning from holidays? This means that being in touch is vital for your recruiting business.

To help you out (of the office and to you holiday destination), I have created a 3-step programme to help you make the most of your summer recruitment.

summer recruitment game

Step 1 – Be present for summer recruitment

In the first step, you prepare your (online) visibility.

    • Post the adverts for jobs that need candidates. By displaying the available jobs online, you will make sure that candidates find these roles.
    • Schedule your social media Using social media planning tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. you can stay relevant in your network without having to physically post your updates. By regularly posting updates about the vacancies you have, you and your jobs will stay on top of mind with your audience.


Step 2 – Automate your process

After candidates apply you will need to stay in touch, even during the summer recruitment period. This does not necessarily have to be in person; there are ways to automate communications.

      • Use knock-out questions. By asking candidates to answer a list filled with the must-haves for the role you can make sure you won’t send a candidate who cannot comply through to the next round. For example: If working weekends is part of the job requirements, you can knock out candidates who can’t work weekends.
      • Send your candidate an automated notification that you have received the application. Also use that email to outline the process. This way, you manage expectations upfront.
      • Send all candidates that managed to pass your knock-out question round an invitation for a digital interview. This can be along the lines of gamification, a video interview or a small type of e-assessment. By implementing this step, you have the opportunity to introduce your company culture in a more extended way than you could in the initial job-advert. Also, you keep the candidate engaged in a step of the process where you are able to assess which candidates to invite when you are back in the office.


Step 3 – Scheduling

Here’s the part where we do need some of your attention, because to start inviting candidates for interviews you will need to screen them. As you already read the candidate’s cv and saw their online assessment and/or video interview, you have made the reviewing quite easy for yourself.

The next step is to send the candidate a link to self-schedule their face-to-face interview in your calendar. Cammio offers this scheduling feature to all its users. Again, you keep the candidate engaged without much effort from your side. Just think of your calendar being filled with interviews of great candidates to come back to.

By planning your summer period and using the right tools, even you as a successful recruiter will be able to take your well-deserved holiday without losing out on great candidates. Congratulations, you’ve nailed your summer recruitment!

Happy (summer) Hiring!

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