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The struggle of finding a job in COVID-19 times

Our Client Success Manager Yuri recently got to celebrate the end of his probation period at Cammio. To celebrate this occasion, he looks back on his job search during lockdown and his first experience with a video powered recruitment process.

Yuris Experience:

After graduating from university and already working part-time for 3.5 years, I decided to search for a full-time job. I was living in Nijmegen and was open to work anywhere. Through my part-time job I had already gained experience in CRM and recruitment. I knew the job search would be more difficult and different compared to previous years, as the entire world was in lockdown due to COVID-19. However, my experience turned out unexpected.

Just like any other job searcher, I started going through all the job sites: LinkedIn, Stepstone, Indeed. I started to apply for a couple of roles. Most of the time my application was answered with an automatic response which also stated: “if we decide to continue with you, we will contact you”. In other words: if you are not selected, you will never hear from the employer again. This is of course very confusing and demotivating, as I did not know if it just took them a long time to respond, or if they had already continued with their hiring process.

Surprisingly, the above-mentioned automatic response was quite common. Other companies waited for more than a month before they responded to my job application, others responded on time but did not reply to my mail when planning an interview. My job search became a frustrating process, as I did not know what to expect and recruiters took too long to finally respond to me.

Then, I found Cammio. I applied for the function as Client Success Manager. Within one day, Cammio contacted me to let me know that I was invited to do an automated interview. I had never done an automated interview before, so again I did not know what to expect. Cammio sent me an invitation mail, which described the process in detail, and I had the chance to practice using the Cammio practice tool.

Through the candidate support page and the practice tool, I found out that an automated interview consists of a couple questions, which I had to answer in a video recording within two minutes. I also had two chances to record. When I decided to complete the interview was completely up to me. After a short practice, I continued to the interview, which itself was amazingly easy and user friendly.

A couple of days later, I was contacted to continue to the next round: the live interview. I prepared a case study and received a new invitation with a link to the live interview. Once again, the process was easy. The case study itself was quite challenging, but that made me even more motivated to deliver a good presentation. Eventually, I also visited the office and within two weeks after applying for the position as Client Success Manager I was hired.

Cammio’s software has made my job application process smooth and easy. The entire job application process only lasted 2 weeks in total. While the Cammio tool enhances process efficiency for recruiters, I could tell that the experience of the candidate receives just as much priority and is embedded in the core of the software. Through Cammio’s software, the candidate can have a more relaxed, quick, and personal solicitation. This is an enormous difference than sending CV’s and waiting over one month for a response. This candidate friendly experience and fast responses made me feel confident to start my first full-time job at Cammio!

Happy Hiring!