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Tinder ❤ Recruitment

The life of a recruiter can be very difficult. Going through all of the applications, looking for the right candidate. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for and knowing that no candidate will ever be able to meet your inflated expectations. Not only is this process hard for you, it’s also hard for the candidates; writing their CV and cover letter, but not knowing in what way you can best stand out or if you are the one they were looking for.

Don’t you think recruitment has a lot in common with dating? In this blog, I will take you through a few of the similarities and differences between recruitment and dating.


Being on the same level

While we are swiping through our potential dates, reading their bio’s – or CV’s – and watching videos, we see their personality. Something that’s REALLY important. You don’t want to be on a first date with a person who is no match because of their totally different personality. In recruitment, video can help guide a recruiter if someone would fit in the company or not based on the answers provided and competencies assessed. There’s nothing worse than working with people who just don’t match.

Showing your personality

Finding the perfect date or candidate is maybe one of the hardest things to do. Having a dating app, or video interview solution in recruitment working with you in this process, makes it so much easier. Where the dating app makes sure you can get to know your future date a little better, video makes sure that candidates can personally express their motivation early on in the process.

Knowing what you are getting yourself into

Dating is hard for most of us. We don’t just simply walk up to someone in a bar anymore. We live in a world where you might even be considered a creep for doing so. Most love stories start on tinder anyway. In 20 years, parents will be telling their kids about the first tinder picture they ever saw of each other, not about the way they looked the first night they met. Dating apps and video recruitment make finding a good match easier and help ensure everybody knows what they are being asked and not feel overwhelmed.


Where in the process?

Even though the pictures and videos in both the dating and recruitment process can help make better matching decisions, they are used in totally different ways. Where pictures on dating apps are the first step in the process and used to figure out if you think someone is hot….or not, video in recruitment is positioned further down the process to help determine if the candidate is compatible with your company. It is also an opportunity to engage candidates.

Quality of selection

On dating apps, you are able to make your selection in just a few rounds. All you get are the pictures and the bio, where a short statement should list anything you ever want to know, including a personal anthem! (I personally do not judge someone on which song they yell out while taking a shower, it’s the effort that counts). In video recruitment the CV can be the first round and based on this selection you can use video to make an even better selection with candidates that you think really fit the description.

Looking good!

And lastly the most obvious difference is that not only do we post pictures on our dating pages that are not professional in any way, we also make these pictures on our best day in the best lighting in our very best outfit. Recruitment videos are usually somewhat professional, at least I would hope so, and these videos are used to both engage and assess candidates. They are not used to show what you look like and how great your face would look on the ‘team’ page on the site.

We all want a steady and healthy relationship, so why only look for this in your love life when you can find this in your career and find it in your employees. With video recruitment you can make sure you only match with the best candidates, and that’s better for all involved. At the same time the candidates can be sure they’ve shown you everything to let you know why they are the one you need to hire.

Happy match making!