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Tourism & Hospitality recruitment; selecting the best talent by adding personality to the CV

Today’s global Tourism & Hospitality industry is extremely dynamic. Increased competition, shifting economics and emerging markets have resulted in a constantly evolving industry environment. Social media and numerous comparison websites provide consumers with a wealth of information including customer opinions, reviews and ratings, impacting consumer choices and behaviour. This has resulted in an industry that is increasingly aware of the value it needs to deliver through its facilities, services and staff. A negative review online or on a social media platform, can easily result in lost business. More than ever, customer retention is key and paramount in driving revenue and profitability.

In our emerging experience economy, a friendly face at the desk is no longer enough when it comes to customer satisfaction. Customers expect exceptional service and memorable, customized experiences. Even though the customers are the lifeblood of any Tourism & Hospitality business, without the right staff to deliver quality service, the organization is doomed to ultimately fail. This means that industry businesses not only have to deal with the increasing competition and pressure of attracting consumers, but also in attracting qualified talent that can successfully deliver the best service to meet the businesses objectives.

As both supply and demand have surged, the Tourism & Hospitality sector has become one of the fastest-growing industries in Europe in terms of employment. With over 1,7 million enterprises (Eurostat), the sector supports around 16,6 million jobs in Europe. With the European economy further picking up steam again and the sector still rapidly growing, the demand is expected to further increase in the coming years. According to a research of The World Travel & Tourism Council, the Tourism & Hospitality industry is expected to add more than 70M jobs over the next decade (2015). At the same time many employers face some critical recruitment challenges due to typical issues such as high turnover, large fluctuations in demand and trouble identifying the best talent for their company. Many of these challenges can be addressed with a digital recruitment and interview process. In the quest for a more efficient but also reliable process, more and more employers are implementing a modernized approach to recruiting such as video interviewing. Hospitality employers using online job interviews are able to see more candidates in less time, get a good first impression of candidates at the pre-screening level and enhance their quality-of-hire.

Our new whitepaper on Video Recruitment in the Tourism & Hospitality industry outlines current trends, job market developments, recruitment challenges and possible solutions presented with the use of video recruitment. Click here to download the full whitepaper for free.

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