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Using Video to Improve Engagement

If you’re on our website, there’s a good chance you already know that using video makes your content a lot more engaging. People tend to stay 88% longer on a webpage that includes video than they would on a page without.

The revolution in videos was something that couldn’t be missed in the world of recruitment. I listed 5 recruitment videos that helped employers boost their brand.


This video doesn’t show how it feels to work at SodaStream, and neither does is underline the perks of the job. What the video perfectly shows is the revolutionary mindset of the company. Humor is the biggest asset in this video. It also subtilty points out the company’s focus on diversity.

New Zealand Police

The New Zealand police department uses this video as part of their broader recruitment campaign. Starring “regular” people (and even a dog at 0:28) asking the questions that most applicants tend to want to know before applying. Also cool that they use the different languages. If only I were a resident, I would have given it a shot!

Progressive Insurance

Insurance companies are cursed with the image of not being very exciting. With these Easter-egg hunt recruitment campaigns, Progressive proves that this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. With this video Progressive is specifically targeting tech talent. The end-goal here is to find candidates who love solving problems and use critical thinking. Goal achieved!


With a great focus on diversity and unconscious bias, HP launched this beautiful campaign. They also have another one worth checking out called Proud Portraits, aimed at the LGBTQ community. With the fathers in the video reading interviewing tips for women to their daughters, HP points out the double standard that still exists in present times.


By having an “unscripted” feel this video seems very genuine. It gives potential candidates an idea of who works at the company, what the work floor looks like and what people like about working there. It gives a great insight for any candidate wanting to know more about the atmosphere without having been there.

The actual fun starts after you have attracted the candidate with a great video. Making sure they apply and stay engaged throughout the process – so why not use video for that as well?

As a client success manager at Cammio Video Recruitment experts, I have plenty of successful examples of the usage of video in recruitment processes. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to learn some more.

Until then… Happy Hiring!

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