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Video first!

You would think that being Video Recruitment Experts, everyone at Cammio would live and breathe the video first values. We do, of course. However, for us as well as anyone, all beginning is scary. We have to adapt to change, and change is something that doesn’t come naturally to us all. Creating a video of yourself for the first time is scary. Just as scary as implementing a whole new process.

Thankfully we all know that change is good for us. Without change, we would have never evolved to the beings that we are right now.

I feel that every strategy you implement in 2019 should be video first. Let me tell you why:

Before you run off to create your videos immediately, follow these steps that will help you shape your strategy.

Step 1. Define your audience

To start off it’s good to know who your message is directed towards. That way you can decide an appropriate language and style of your video. It’s also good to keep in mind the way you want to be perceived by this specific audience. Do you want to confirm an already shaped image or are you a different person for different audiences?

Step 2. Decide on the medium

Where will you post your video? On your website, on a landing page to support your content or on social media to tease an upcoming event? Depending on the medium, the content and story and style of the video are different. Also, don’t forget to have an appropriate duration!

Step 3. Shape your message

What is the message you would like to send? What is your desired outcome? Your message should have a clear beginning and ending. Always add a call-to-action to make sure that you get your audience to act the way you would like them to. Keep the location in mind when you record the video, does it support the story or does it take away attention from your message?

Step 4. Shoot

For shooting a video you don’t necessarily need a professional camera crew and editing team. Your smartphone can fulfill in most of your needs. The camera on your phone is usually quite a good one, and you can plug in an external microphone to boost the quality of your audio. You can even download a few apps to make sure you have nicely edited and even subtitled videos. Check out Pelpina Trip’s tips for smartphone video recording like a pro!

Now you can go and create amazing videos, that I’m very much looking forward to watch.
If you need help in shaping your recruitment process by adding video, please do not hesitate to contact the Video Recruitment Experts at Cammio. As a partner in many company’s processes we have plenty of experience to help you in yours.

Happy Video Hiring!