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Using video to get a higher view rate for your job listings

In many of our blogs, we describe how video can help you select the best talent. But did you know that using video in your recruitment process can also help attracting talent? To start, you can use video to generate a higher view rate for your job listings. Let’s take a look at how you can create candidate engagement and increase the number of views.

Higher view rate on social media

When advertising your job on social media, you can use a video to catch the attention of potential candidates. A picture says more than 1,000 words? Think about how much 1,000 moving pictures will say! By using a short, catchy video on your social media platforms, you can introduce your company in a compelling way. Here are a few examples of good recruitment videos that are used in social media. You can add employee testimonials and describe the unique company atmosphere and benefits to really make the place of work tangible. End your video with a call to action by asking the viewer if they’d like to introduce themselves to you by uploading their video pitch.

social media higher view

Personalised introduction and questions create candidate engagement

When you’ve first invited someone to do a (video) interview, you want to make sure they actually record their answers. By creating an engaging introduction video in which you explain the company culture and the role you are recruiting for, you ensure the candidate has a good idea of what they’re applying for. Even better: By making this introduction video stand out you will be able to attract more potential candidates by word-of-mouth advertising. Don’t just stop at the introduction video, either. Record questions for an automated interview yourself, so that the company culture is clearly displayed for candidates.
personal message

Use marketing techniques for higher view rate on your website

Let’s have a look at some figures that apply to using video for marketing purposes:

  • When an image is paired with information, people retain 65% of that information 3 days later, compared to 10% of the same information when it isn’t presented with an image.
  • 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it
  • Using the word “video” in an email subject increases click through rates by 65%
  • Eye-tracking studies show viewers pay more attention to information carrying images than they do to reading text.

Now, with these statistics it is not hard to imagine that the use of video in recruitment will create candidate engagement early on in the process. Potential candidates much more likely to view the job listing, they will pay more attention and retain more of the information than they would a traditionally written job posting.

Invite candidates to record their video

At Cammio, we strongly believe in adding personality to your CV by using video. Whether this is a video pitch, automated interview, or live interview, this option will engage candidates early on in the recruitment process. By allowing candidates to record a pitch with their initial application they will already actively think about what they can add to your company. By getting them engaged and excited about your company and the recruitment process, you will gain positive word-of mouth advertising.

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These are just a few examples of how using video can help attract talent and obtain higher view rates on your job listings. Techniques that have been used in marketing are very much applicable for recruitment as well. We are happy to help you take the first step into video recruitment. Click here for a tour of our product.

Happy hiring!

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