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What Video Interview means for Human Resources innovators

Video interview in HR has been gaining a lot of popularity in the past couple of years as the challenges of growth increased. Finding qualified, long-lasting hires can be a hassle when top talent disappears from the market in a matter of days. Companies subjecting their applicants to extensive hiring processes see their chances of retaining candidates decreasing. Didn’t HR innovators find a way to solve these issues yet?

How Video Interview aims for personality

Parsing through a never-ending pile of CVs can lead to a state of cognitive overload where all information seems to be the same. While based on a similar profile, selecting candidates according to their best use of keywords is a highly biased process and doesn’t predict better fits. According to a Harvard study, 80% of employee turnover can be linked to a faulty recruitment process. It makes sense, screening candidates is time consuming and a very demanding activity. Mostly when a recruiter focuses on generic skills and overlooks a core element: cultural fit.

Aim for the cultural fit!

In a video interview, whether live or automated (asynchronous), both candidates and recruiters get a glimpse of each other. Candidates can see beyond the company branding to discover its internal gears. Recruiters, on the other side, can better assess how the candidate reacts in pre-determined situations. Although a video interview is not about being perfect, it certainly is about being true to oneself. After all, what is the point for a candidate to join a company not sharing the same values as it would, most of the time, end up creating unpleasant working conditions?

Short time-to-hire, higher chances to score the right candidate

Top talent is scarce and often gets off the market in the middle of your recruitment process after finding a quicker competitor. By allowing you to display more of your brand and vision during screening, video recruitment actually helps you retain attention for longer periods. If reducing the time-to-hire is always a steady goal for a recruiter, it often comes with sacrifices not benefiting the company on the long-term. Hiring hastily can be the main cause of malfunctioning work relationships in the future. Getting to know the candidate better is worth it to secure your role.

Video Interview is a good way to assess a personality without filters.

A video interview is an efficient way to both assess a candidate’s personality and speed up the whole recruitment process. By better highlighting fitting candidates, you can cut down intermediate steps and base your final decision on a carefully planned, face-to-face meeting.

What does video interview mean for Human Resources innovators? Simply, a more personal approach toward meeting your future colleagues.


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