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How video recruitment can help you improve candidate experience

With the recruitment landscape rapidly changing towards a candidate-led market, providing a good candidate experience is more important than ever before. Today’s candidates are increasingly selective when looking for an employer and make career decisions in a similar way to how a consumer chooses a product. While a strong candidate experience can boost your ability to land the best talent, a bad experience can have an adverse effect on the company’s corporate brand and employer reputation. With companies looking for ways to enhance their candidate experience, the implementation of video recruitment is often a good place to start. Here are 4 ways to improve candidate experience using video interviews.


Start by engaging your candidates from the first moment in their application process. Keeping your candidates engaged is important, as this makes them more likely to be productive, passionate and motivated to continue the application process. You can keep your candidates engaged by adding video interviews in your application process. Video interviews allow the hiring manager to present the team and ask questions to the candidate. In turn, the candidate shall respond with a video recording, thus making the first stage of the application process more interactive. In addition, seeing the candidates’ video interviews reduces the time spent on conducting phone interviews, thereby accelerating the pre-selection process. This is advantageous for both the recruiter and the candidate. If the pre-selection takes too long, candidates are more likely to back out, which can cause recruiters to miss out on good talent. So, engage your candidates and make sure that the best ones won’t back out by implementing video interviews in your recruitment process.

Fair chances

With video interviews, you can make sure every candidate receives the same questions and the same amount of time to answer those questions. This makes the application process as unbiased and as objective as possible, since you can not only compare the answers of multiple candidates to the same question, but also share the recordings with members of your team for a second opinion. This process contributes to a good candidate experience, because the candidates will not feel they are being discriminated since everyone receives the same questions and will be more confident to continue the process.


Sometimes it takes too long to schedule an interview, as recruiters and candidates need to find a suitable time for both of them. If it takes too long to schedule an appointment with your candidates, they might lose interest in the job and drop out. These days, candidates like to have things made easy and convenient. Luckily, video interviews have made it possible to create an application process that fits their preferences. By inviting candidates to do a video interview, you eliminate the travel time and cost, and allow them to participate immediately in the selection process. It shows that you respect their time and provide them with a relaxed atmosphere by allowing them to choose the time and location to start the interview. They don’t have to travel a long distance, take the day off or reschedule the interview. Also, candidates don’t have to wait around until they’re getting invited to the recruiter’s office or get an unexpected call from a recruiter. They can simply decide when and where do the interview whenever they are ready.

The chance to shine

Given the large amount of applications recruiters receive, it is nearly impossible to get to meet most of them.Because of that, a majority of candidates will get rejected based on the CV alone. And the rest get sieved through other methods before they make it to a face-to-face interview. A large part of them get rejected based on the CV alone, and the rest get sieved through other methods before they make it to a face-to-face interview. So, if you value your candidates and you want to make sure they had a good and positive candidate experience, I suggest to use video in your recruitment process. Pre-recorded video interviews would allow you to meet all the candidates in the screening phase, thus giving equal chances to all candidates to present themselves. This will lead to a good and positive candidate experience, as they will feel that they had a fair shot on getting the job, making them feel good about the process, even if they get rejected in the end.

Video interviews could go a long way towards providing a great candidate experience – and this might be just what you need to set your company apart from the competition. Video interviews allow you to keep your candidates engaged throughout the whole process, which prevents candidates from backing out. Candidates receive a fair selection process with the same questions as every other candidate. Their convenience is taken into account and they will have the opportunity to present themselves to the company from the moment they submit their application. Having these elements in place will turn candidate experience into fewer drop-outs and no more talent to waste.

Happy hiring!


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