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Make your company more diverse – use video!

For some reason diversity is still a hot topic for most companies when it comes their employees. You would think that in 2019 equality is a norm that we all live by. Strangely enough however, it still isn’t.

Diversity by definition is a very broad concept. It includes personal characteristics such as gender, skin colour, origin, age, sexual orientation, education, background and disabilities. A company that wants to reflect being a part of modern society should have a mix of employees at all levels of the organisation.

81% of employers recognise the potential that unconscious bias has to impact decisions, potentially leading them to miss out on top professionals. People still have unconscious prejudices: the (corporate) world is formed and based on classical ideas. For instance: the idea that the man works and the woman stays at home and cares, is still very much a reality in most societies. Fortunately there is a slow change in mentality happening, and companies are becoming more diverse than they ever were.

But we still aren’t there yet… so how can using video help you make your company excel in being diverse? Intuitively it might seem that using video is the perfect opportunity to encourage bias in an early stage, as you can see all the specific details of a candidate. Well actually it’s seems to be quite the opposite:

1. Video forces you to structure your process

Studies have shown that when you add structure to your process it reduces bias as you are comparing candidates like for like. When bias is reduced, people are more likely to make decisions based on facts rather than feelings.

2. Personality first

An underestimated element in the screening processes in recruitment is the personality aspect. By reading a CV you will know all about a candidate’s experience and background. But the full picture of a candidate will be including the personality, energy level and posture. A video will show you just that, and the candidate who on paper wasn’t that attractive in real life could be the perfect candidate for the job and also the right fit for that certain team.

3. Reviewing with perspective

Candidate videos in Cammio can be assigned to a group of reviewers, consisting of a range of employees to get the broadest perspective possible. When reviewing candidates the recruiter can decide on which aspects candidate will be scored. Assessors then have guidelines to help score candidates with consistent company scoring sets, so there is no confusion and interpretation mistakes.

Before your team / company / department will become more diverse, willingness to review and change your process is necessary. Companies that are diverse are more successful, innovative and are able to retain employees longer.

Need help with changing mindsets and implementing change? We at Cammio have plenty of experience to help you achieve the (diverse) goals you have set yourself. Don’t hesitate and contact us for a product demo or a brainstorm about the topic!

Happy (diverse) Hiring!