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How video will get your recruitment process ready for 2018

The end of the year is coming, before you know it, Christmas dinner is finished and the bottles of champagne have all popped. To be sure that you hit the recruiting ground running in 2018, I have chosen the biggest trends for 2018 and listed ways you can incorporate video to help rocket you into the new year!

Specific process for specific roles

The days where you could have the same approach for all your vacancies are over. In the end, no candidate or role is the same – and with today’s top talent holding the power, being able to provide tailored processes is critical for companies wanting to stay ahead.

Do you expect volume on the vacancy or is it difficult to find candidates? Is the role high-level or are you looking for more junior candidates? Dependent on the answer on these questions you can form your process accordingly.

Junior or high volume? Use automated video interviews. This will help you screen candidates faster and gain more insights into your candidates in the beginning of your process, making it easier to find the right match for your team and/or company

Senior? Try using the video pitch. This highly accessible video interviewing type allows senior candidates to showcase all their qualities in a more personal way while enjoying a high-touch and engaging process.

International or impossible to schedule a face to face interview? Live interviews are a perfect way to “meet” a candidate in your own branded (virtual) meeting room. Just set the time in the Cammio system – or use the scheduling functionality to let a candidate schedule a time in your calendar – click on the link and go!

Candidate experience

In today’s candidate driven market, experience is key. Having a strong employer brand and strengthening your position as a great place to work are more important than ever for companies wanting to recruit and retain the best talent.

Adding video to your recruitment process can help you empower your brand and improve the candidate experience. Using pre-recorded introduction videos in your process allows you to give your candidates an actual look ‘inside’ your company before they have visited it – enabling a much more engaging and meaningful process.

At the same time, the use of video also allows you to provide your candidates with a unique and innovative experience where they get the chance to present themselves beyond their CV. A video adds so more value than a cover letter ever can. Great candidates have nothing to hide and a lot to share!

AI in your process

Is your recruitment system filled with data on where your candidate came from, when they applied, and when they got hired? Maybe you even have insights on how your hires are performing and how many percent of your hires are staying at the company long-term?

Then you are already half way! With new smart technologies making it possible to extract and analyse huge amounts of data to make decisions and predictions based on that, recruiting is not only becoming more efficient, but also more intelligent. For example, the Cammio Xpress Analytics™ feature extracts a combination of tonality and linguistic data from completed video interviews, which is then used to automatically sort the talent pipeline with a real-time analysis of candidates’ personality profile based on the Big5 model. Every new hire on the Cammio platform is fed into the matching algorithm to help you predict the right match with more accuracy.

With the new year around the corner, it is the perfect moment to start reflecting and taking action. Are your processes on par with what’s required and expected? Is your business ready to compete in the continuing war for talent? Are you ready for 2018?

Happy sprint towards the end of this year!

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