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What do candidates actually think of video recruitment?

Asking feedback in your recruitment process is an important part of your way to optimize your candidate journey. Only when you ask for feedback, you are able to learn and improve.

In this candidate driven market, some of my clients are afraid that asking their candidates to conduct a video interview, will keep them from applying. While in some cases this obviously can be the case, the truth is that a vast majority of candidates actually think video interviews have a positive impact on the overall candidate experience (as long as they are applied in the right way).

So what exactly do candidates like (and dislike) about video interviews?

I went into the Cammio platform to get you some feedback from actual candidates who recently conducted a video interview as part of their application process.

The very first time

Many candidates have never done a video interview before, and so, it can be a bit scary. Everything is ‘scary’ the first time. Remember your first application ever? Reality is though, once you just get into it, it usually comes naturally – same goes for video interviewing!

‘’This was my first experience doing a video interview – I have only done phone interviews before (as well as personal interviews of course). I thought it would be a bit awkward to talk to the camera but I actually felt very comfortable when recording my answers. I liked that I could review my answers afterwards to see how I articulate and interact. This was definitely a good experience.’’


Replacing the face-to-face interview

One of the most common misconceptions among both recruiters and candidates, is that the video interview will replace the actual on-site interview. In the past, the only way to present yourself was via a face-to-face interview in the office. Nowadays, video interviews allow recruiters to ‘meet’ their candidates much earlier in the screening process. Important is to always have clear communication with your candidates – explaining that the video interview is not a replacement for the on-site interview, but an extra opportunity for them to stand out by letting their personality shine early in the process.

‘’ It was an interesting experience as I have not been involved in a video interview previously. I think it is beneficial to have video style interviews as it allows candidates to show more of their characteristics than a CV or an over the phone interview. In regards to the procedure, I think it is easy to follow and you have time to ensure that you are set up correctly and relaxed before you make a start. This is nice as it puts the candidate at ease especially if they haven’t done an interview of this kind before. Additionally, having the option to re-record takes a little bit of pressure of the candidate if they accidentally start or stop recording at the wrong time. I like to thank you for this opportunity and hope be invited for a next-round on-site interview soon.’’

Easy to use and time-saving

Using video recruitment allows candidates to conduct an interview from the comfort of their own home. No issues with difficult scheduling, having to take time off, or being stuck in traffic. Candidates highly appreciate being able to do their first interview, when both candidate and recruiters are not sure about the match chances yet, in an efficient way at a time and place that is convenient to them.

“This was a very time efficient way of conducting first time interviews, which was highly appreciated in this rather hectic finals period.”


In the Cammio platform, users have access to an extensive number of data-points in order to track and optimize their video recruitment processes. Not only can they view all feedback provided by their candidates, they also have a comprehensive graphical dashboard available that provides them with insights into important process metrics. Recently, we even added a tone analyser for candidate feedback that analyses the overall tone of given feedback based on the big 5!

Do you ever ask for feedback to improve your processes? It just might be worth your while!

Happy Hiring! 🙂


Infographic | Why Video Recruitment Works | Download