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What type of recruiter would you like to be?

Whilst delivering workshops for recruiters on how they can implement video technology into their hiring process, I often get asked: “If technology keeps advancing will there still be a job for me in the future?”

This question for me highlights the essence of recruitment and the effort behind selecting the best candidate for a position. For me it all comes down to this question: What kind of recruiter type are you? Do you have it in you to be the Jerry Maguire of recruitment:

The “Source and Shove” Recruiter

Are you the kind of recruiter that tries to find as many candidates for a role as possible to send to your hiring manager? Do you rely on your account in different databases to mass e-mail candidates? Then it is highly likely that an algorithm could do a better and more efficient job than you ever could. Any task that is repetitive and involves a lot of data can and will be automated. Is it likely that a computer will have taken your LinkedIn seat in a few years’ time? Probably…

The “Call Agent Suzy” Recruiter

Do you speak to all the candidates who are kind enough to send you their CV? You are the type of recruiter that knows their candidates because you speak to all them. Unfortunately, this is costing you most of your office time (and in some cases your evenings). Even though the candidate likely enjoys the personal touch, your time could be spent in a more structured way. Take for instance automated interviews where you are able to conduct interviews with all candidates – automated – before you spend your valuable time. Think about it, do you ask all the candidates the same question – and if you do – do you remember all the answers? Sorry Suzy…. automation will replace you if you don’t save enough time to spend with the best candidates.

The “Talent Agent” Recruiter

This is the kind of recruiter that is highly specialized in their field. You are the go-to person when it comes to finding the best candidates in a specific niche, industry or role. You actually know all your candidates, invite them to relevant workshops and introduce them only at the very best positions. You are behaving like an agent or broker will do for a sports professional. Almost every candidate you send to the hiring manger is bulls-eye, even if you sometimes have only one candidate. If you are this type of recruiter you are and will be in the safe zone. If you are not, get ready to be… fast!

Becoming the specialist in real life however can be a tough job, because most of the time your job consists of a combination of the first 2 types and a lack of time to actually specialize as the specialist type.

First ask yourself: What makes you unique? What parts of your process sets you apart? And how can you leverage technology to become even better at your job? Because no matter how hard our friends in Silicon Valley work, there are still many skills that can’t be replaced yet.

So, my dear recruiter – be personal, be creative but most of all be an expert. Dare to be a bit more Jerry Maguire.

See you at the next workshop!

Happy hiring!

Infographic | Why Video Recruitment Works | Download