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Video interviewing process


How long can I take to complete my interview?
The interview deadline is communicated in your invitation email as “complete by”. The link will no longer be valid after this date. You may take as long as you need for the interview once logged-in.

How much time do I have to answer a question?
The available answer time per question is set by the company you are applying to. When conducting your interview, the maximum answer time per question is shown in the interface. The available time can vary between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.

Can I see the interview questions in advance?
No, just like a face-to-face interview you’re not given the questions in advance.

If I move forward to the next question, can I return to the previous one?
No, once you have moved forward to the following question, your last answer will be saved.


Can I rerecord my answers?
The employer decides whether you will be able to re-record your answers or not. You can see your number of recordings per question in the ‘record button’ on the right side of the screen If you decide to rerecord, your previous recording will be discarded and cannot be used.

Do I get a link to my completed recording?
You can only see your recording before you submit your answer and advance to the next question. Once you have submitted your video interview, you can not access your recordings anymore.

Can an interviewer record the interview without my permission?
No, you will have to give the interviewer permission to make a recording by agreeing first. Only then the recording functionality will be available for an interviewer.

I see a guest listed with my interview. Who is that?
An interviewer or recruiter may have invited a guest to join the interview. This person will also be able to participate in the interview.



My audio/webcam is not working. What now?
Before attempting anything else, try using an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Please check if you have allowed the browser to access the microphone/webcam. If it still doesn’t work close the browser completely and restart the interview by clicking on the interview link.

I am invited for a live interview but can not connect.
Please check if your browser is supported and if you have a sufficient Internet connection.


If I need to quit or lose my internet connection mid-interview, what happens?
You can use the same interview link from the email to return to the interview. You will be prompted to complete a webcam test again (computer only) and will resume from the point where you left off. You will not start from the beginning.

My interview link is ‘expired’. What now?
This means the due date for your interview has passed. If you would like an extension on your interview due date, you will need to contact the company you applied to with this inquiry.

Interview Equipment


Which devices can I use to conduct my interview?
You can complete your video interview on a tablet, smartphone (Android and iOS) or PC/MAC. When using an iOS device, copy the link from your invitation and paste it in your Safari app. Note that clicking the link will not work, as iOS will open a non-native version of Safari.

Is my Internet connection sufficient?
Ensure you have a strong, stable Internet connection. You’ll need a minimum internet speed of 300 Kbps (check your Internet speed here). We recommend using a WiFi or wired connection.


What browsers are supported?
You can conduct your interview using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Edge. Always make sure you have the most recent browser version available. When using Internet Explorer or Edge, an Adobe Flash Player Plug-in is required.

Where can I download the latest version of Flash Player?
The latest Flash Player version is available from the Adobe website:  Flash-player download

Other questions


I would like to practice a video interview. Is this possible?
Yes, you can practice your video interview as often as you like with the free online practice tool.

How can I prepare for my video interview?
To be prepared is half the victory. Our interview set up video tips and ‘How To Nail A Video Interview‘ guide provide you with useful tips & tricks to support you in your preparation.


Where can I find more information on terms and conditions?
In the invitation email that you have received, a link to the disclaimer is provided. You will also see the link to the disclaimer when entering your video interview.

Where can I get support if needed?
If you’re having trouble passing the webcam test, you can click on the ‘help’ button to access a detailed help section. For immediate help you can use the Cammio support chat. You can also contact Cammio support via email on support@cammio.com.