Interview set-up

First impressions always count. Have a look at these 6 quick video tips for a smooth video experience!

Tip #1: Front light exposure

You neither want too little light (you will appear dark and yellow) nor too much (pale and washed-out blue or white). Don’t sit with the window behind you, the overhead lighting casts dark shadows. Try to have as much natural light coming from behind the camera in front of you as possible.


Tip #2: Test your microphone

Always have a test run of your technology in advance. Make sure your microphone is working. Adjust the microphone volume to a comfortable level and make a test recording to find out how your voice comes out. You can conduct a sample video interview here to ensure your technology is working correctly.

Tip #3: Check your webcam

Always test your available technology. Make sure your webcam is working and the quality of your camera is good. This prevents unpleasant surprises during your real job interview. You can conduct a sample video interview here to ensure your technology is working correctly.


Tip #4: Mind your background

Be aware of your background. Your interviewer will not only see you, but also your surroundings. If the background looks bad, messy or inappropriate, it may reflect badly on your overall presentation. Posters of your favorite band and a kitchen sink full of dishes aren’t the best decor for your first meeting. Ensure that what is behind you is not distracting and enhances your profile.

Tip #5: Check your composition

Arrange the camera so that your head and shoulders are in the middle of the frame. One of the most important things to watch out for is that you have to make eye contact. This means that you have to look directly at the lens of your camera. Set the windows of your computer screen as close as possible to one another. This way it looks like you are looking into the camera.



Tip #6: Wear appropriate clothing

Just because you’re in your own comfortable setting, it doesn’t mean you get to dress down. Dress for the video interview like you would for a traditional in-person meeting. Wear clothes that are appropriate and representative but stick to your own style so you feel comfortable in your outfit. Busy prints and patterns can cause distraction and therefore should better be avoided.