What is a Live Interview?

A live interview is a two-way conversation between you and the interviewer(s). You simply connect face-to-face with the interviewer(s) via webcam at a pre-arranged time and date.

During a live interview, you will meet your interviewer online at a scheduled date and time. The biggest difference with an onsite interview is that you don’t have to travel to get there. Not only will you save time and money that you would have spent travelling, you also won’t be getting lost on the way to your desk at home.

Getting ready

As you’ll need to get two people logged in at the same time, the live interview requires you to schedule a meeting. Often you can access an online calendar to find a slot in which the recruiter is available that suits your personal schedule. Do a tech run-through in advance to ensure your webcam and microphone are working correctly. Also make sure you’re connected to the internet and that you’re running an updated browser. You don’t want to run into any surprises seconds before your interview is scheduled. Give yourself enough time before and after the scheduled meeting to avoid being rushed.

The interview

When it’s time for your interview, you can click the link in your invitation email and you will be connected to your interview. The software will run you through a test to see if your connection and equipment are working properly. Once you’re all set, you’ll be dropped into a virtual waiting room until the interviewer starts the interview. The interviewer might want to record the interview for evaluation purposes, if that is the case you will be asked for permission.

Finishing up

When the interview is coming to an end, you can ask what the following steps will be, and when you can expect to hear back. After your interview, you can close your browser and the interviewer will receive the recording. You can expect a high level of data privacy and security from the employer when they are using a specialised professional video recruitment platform. Good luck!